[Download] ➸ The Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News for the Bedraggled, Beat-Up, and Burnt Out ➽ Brennan Manning – Capitalsoftworks.co.uk

[Download] ➸ The Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News for the Bedraggled, Beat-Up, and Burnt Out ➽ Brennan Manning – Capitalsoftworks.co.uk
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  • The Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News for the Bedraggled, Beat-Up, and Burnt Out
  • Brennan Manning
  • 04 December 2017

The Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News for the Bedraggled, Beat-Up, and Burnt OutBrennan Manning Wrote The Ragamuffin Gospel For The Bedraggled, Beat Up, And Burnt Out, The Marginalized Folks To Whom Jesus Ministered The Children, The Ill, The Tax Collectors, The Women In Other Words, The Ragamuffins Manning Understands Better Than Most That Behind Our Facades Of Order And Self Assurance Are Inadequacies That Can Find Healing Only In Jesus While The Powerful And Religious Elite Challenged Him, Jesus Embraced And Healed And Fed The Needs Of The Ragamuffins Jesus Delivered Love, Healing, And, Most Of All, Grace Grace Is Defined As The Freely Given And Unmerited Favor And Love Of God But, As Manning Points Out, We Have Twisted The Gospel Of Grace Into Religious Bondage And Distorted The Image Of God Into An Eternal, Small Minded Bookkeeper In Reality, God Offers Us Grace Immeasurable Brennan Manning Gently Encourages Us To Embrace That Grace In The Face Of Our Greatest Needs And Manning Certainly Knows Whereof He Speaks, Having Taken A Journey From Priesthood And Academic Achievement Through A Collapse Into Alcoholism Manning Came Face To Face With His Need, Finally Abandoning Himself To Grace And He Invites Us Now To Join Him In A Life Of Grace Manning Is Without Doubt One Of The Most Eloquent Writers On The Subject Of Grace Because He Openly Shares His Own Pain And Struggle To Help Readers Deal With Failure And Inadequacy And He Sweetly Challenges Them To Do The SamePatricia Klein

About the Author: Brennan Manning

Richard Francis Xavier Manning, known as Brennan Manning April 27, 1934 April 12, 2013 was an American author, friar, priest, contemplative and speaker.Born and raised in Depression era New York City, Manning finished high school, enlisted in the US Marine Corps, and fought in the Korean War After returning to the United States, he enrolled at Saint Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania

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    The best way I can describe this book is to quote from it When I get honest, I admit I am a bundle of paradoxes I believe and I doubt, I hope and get discouraged, I love and I hate, I feel bad about feeling good, I feel guilty about not feeling guilty I am trusting and suspicious I am honest and I still play games Aristotle said I am a rational animal I say I am an angel with an incredible capacity for beer To live by grace means to acknowledge my whole life story, the light side and the dark In admitting my shadow side, I learn who I am and what God s grace means The gentleness of Jesus with sinners flowed from his ability to read their hearts Behind people s grumpiest poses and most puzzling defense mechanisms, behind their arrogance and airs, behind their silence, sneers and causes, Jesus saw little children who hadn t been loved enough and who had ceased growing because someone had ceased believing in them His extraordinary sensitivity caused Jesus to speak of the faithful as children, no matter how tall, rich, clever and successful they might be Whatever our failings may be, we need not lower our eyes in the presence of Jesus we need not hide all that is ugly and repulsive in us Jesus comes not for the super spiritual but for the wobbly and weak kneed who know they don t have ...

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    This book changed my life Some people may have trouble getting through it because it really challenged a lot of things that you may have held onto tightly for so long But even if you don t agree with everything there are a few things here and there , there is a tremendous amount of wisdom that can be gleaned from the author s insight Upon reading this wonderful book, my eyes were open to a whole new world that I wasn t even aware that they were previously closed to It knocked me around emotionally and spiritually in ways that I really needed Now, I find myself less judgmental of others and open to compassion to those that might be struggling with whatever trials they are facing We see a lot of people and we make assumptions We listen as their actions and lives speak but do we truly hear and understand what they are going through Am i really listening or am I just assuming I know and tell em to suck it up Paul WrightThis book teaches about grace Most people think they know...

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    I went into this book written in 1990 thinking, Okay, author, what are you going to tell me that I haven t read in the authors pumping out books after you I had planned to zip through it as quick as possible to check it off the list and put it on the shelf.It didn t take too many pages for me to realize that this was not that kind of book This is the kind of book you put on your I need to reread this every few years so I don t forget how important the message is shelf.Brennan Manning s message could be summed up in three words God is gracious But don t let that sound cliche The book teaches that we do not need to think about God as judge, God as condemner, God as needing to be appeased God is happy just to have our company God expects us to mess up than we think we will That s okay God loves us anyway And God knows that love is better motivation than fear anyway And stop trying to be so self righteous, because that only takes away from you...

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    If you are interested in the Christian faith but find it self righteous and restricting, this book might be a refreshing change of pace This writer definitely refrains from judgement, and makes the case for self acceptance of your own frailty and affirms that God eagerly takes on special cases , and he proves we all somehow fall in that categ...

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    I am a bedraggled, beaten up, messy ragamuffin I am a former ministry junkie with a bad habit of seeking to please almost everyone and desperately trying to hide my sins from those who expect me to be clean and white washed as they are I have fallen and fallen again Mostly I failed myself Thank God It was time for that old life to disappear And it was time for me to read this lovely book I stopped many times to wipe my eyes, to pray for forgiveness and acceptance of mercy and grace and to open my heart to It was time to fully accept my ragamuffinness and let God love me anyway Though I have known this to be true, I had forgotten that the gospel was for me even after salvation was assured.Through the book, the picture of the Prodigal Son story spoke to me again in a new way I am currently estranged from my children because of my ragamuffinness They are refusing to associate with me until I stop sinning But my eyes are on the streets as I drive along, my eyes never stop roaming the crowds in stores in hopes of seeing one of them I want them to dri...

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    Such a good book I really cannot believe it s taken me this long to get around to it.

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    Well, all the recommendations I received for this over the years were correct with a bullet What a magnificent book Some books teach Some books inspire Some books reveal This did all that, but what it really did was help me love Jesus and know the love of Jesus I love...

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    I was first introduced to Brennan Manning when I read his Above All He Took the Fall and Thought of Me which is basically an exposition on Michael W Smith s song Above All In that book, I saw some serious problems in his thought, but people assured me that I was simply misunderstanding what he had to say and that Brennan Manning really is a good guy who is faithful to what the Bible teaches I was told that reading The Ragamuffin Gospel would accurately represent Manning s teaching If this accurately represents Manning s teaching, he has bigger problems than just some faulty theology.Being a college student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical and Theological studies, I wanted to critically examine this book and weigh everything Manning had to say against the biblical teachings, theology, and doctrine which I have come to find so precious to the Christian life I was a bit put off when Manning said on page 17, It this book is not for the academics who would imprison Jesus in the ivory tower of exegesis Unfortunately, many people would applaud Manning for sticking it to the man in saying this Even unfortunately, I agree that many divinity schools today put much emphasis on doctrine and theology but not on piety This statement is only the first showing of his antiestablishment attitude.Indeed, Manning does not like the institutional church He consistently compares learned church leaders to the Pharisees in Jesus day By the end of t...

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    Here s a test for you While reading this book, were you stirred with compassion or contempt It will speak volumes about how much you get God s grace While not agreeable on every point, Brennan Manning has written one of the most down to earth classics of Christian literature There is a lot to love here amidst some of the shaky theology, and though critics jump in through those cracks with plenty of complaints, there is no denying the wonderful power of the cross in Manning s work He has drawn a picture of grace bigger and better than any modern Christian author has even remotely attempted Let s get this out of the way Brennan Manning talks about sin He does not ignore it Any critic who says so is selectively reading His story of Max the lying drunk is horrific it is exactly what sin does to an unrepentant fool Manning s work is also largely reactionary to the stifling legalism of modern churches Of course he overwhelms with grace So did Jesus If so much grace bothers you, it s possible the book is aiming right at your uptight moralism, just as it did mine I was thoroughly challenged on much I had believed about God s love I always knew the immensity of God s wrath The Asian c...

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    I have a confession to make Sometimes when I sing songs of worship in church, I wonder why we do this Is it necessary to tell God over and over how great He is Isn t it better to go straight to the sermon and learn how to obey God and lead Godly lives Now I know why we sing We sing because God is not just floating above us, He is in us and it is by his grace that we can sing We sing because there is no point learning how to do good works when it is grace, not works, that saves us.This book is about the gospel of grace It tells the message of what Jesus Christ is all about God knows all my sins, but instead of being a petty bookkeeper counting them one by one, He forgives me In fact He forgives me even before I repent, so if I hope to gain forgiveness by repenting, I am being a fool Instead, real repentance is an act of gratitude, to thank God for accepting me with all my flaws, failures and weaknesses By grace I can accept myself because God accepted me first Hence there is no reason to deny any of my sins, and every reason to honestly admit them so I gain a better idea of how much God has forgiven me for.Because it is grace and not works that saves us, I am no better than the worst sinner Who am I to judge the smokers and the drug addicts when Jesus accepts...

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