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Reunion Ebook Reunion By Karen Kingsbury Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us In Dit Slot Van De Serie Over Het Gezin Baxter Draait Alles Om Een Familiere Nie Bijna Iedereen Heeft Wel Iets Te Vieren Maar Het Geluk Wordt Overschaduwd Door N Hartverscheurend Bericht Terwijl Langzaam Doordringt Welke Zware Tijd Voor Hen Ligt, Moet Ieder Voor Zichzelf Bepalen Wat Echt Belangrijk Is In Het Leven Te Midden Hiervan Worstelen John En Elizabeth Met Een Geheim Dat Ze Nooit Eerder Met Iemand Hebben Gedeeld Is Er Een Uitweg Uit Deze Diepe Dalen

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    The Redemtpion series is wonderful There are so many true to life examples in them that they could touch and change anyone s lives I can t capture everything I feel about this series in mere words If I could put words on what my heart has read and is now di...

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    My library had only two of the five books of this series Remember and Reunion Remember wasn t so hot, but Reunion was better This series seriously overemphasizes the importance of physical beauty, which struck me as sadly superficial to be so hung up on surface values I was ambivalence about this book Much in the story felt soapish, juvenile, and often contrived and unrealistic Her adult characters are ridiculously immature, and I was repelled by adult Christians responding hysterically and rather meanly to some difficulty, with the maturity of a 13 year old Personally, I haven t noticed that the Christians in real life respond histrionically to problems actually quite the opposite, but Kingsbury characters do way too much emotional over reacting and not nearly enough pro active thinking and doing just deal with it like other adult humans do However, when the characters finally do get around to seeking answers in prayer, Scripture, and counseling and start to think and communi...

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    This book broke me It was amazing and beautiful and i cant wait for the greatest reunion of my own Baxter family drama ranking1 Redemption 2 Reunion3 Rejoice 4 Return5 Remember

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    This is the fifth book in the series, but I have a feeling that it is not the end of Baxter family saga Each book in the series focuses on a different sibling and their problems, but none of the books is really a stand alone tale The story threads seem to continue into the following books In this final book, the matriarch of the family is tragically ill, and how she and the family cope with her sickness is the crux of the novel But there is a secondary story of a secret that the parents have been keeping from their children This series has an overall feel of a Christian soap opera, if there is such a thing, with all the overwhelming emotions and strong Christian preachiness, but not very compelling writing The plots are predictable for the most part and as well as trite, and I m not sure, but it seems like the characters never do anything and I mean ANYTHING without praying about it and TELLING you they are praying about it This series is heavy handed in its witness...

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    I started the Redemption series of the Baxter Family Drama March 4 I love everything about this series I am a new convert to the Karen Kingsbury fan club, and I can t believe it took me this long to hop on board The series plays out like a faith based soap opera, each book centering around a different Baxter, while intertwining the stories of the others within I read most of these as e editions, but am working toward purchasing copies for my personal library This a series I will revisit many times over the years I love the writing style, the realness of this series Being a follower of Christ doesn t save us from heartache It doesn t mean life is sunshine, roses, and rainbows When our faith falters we are always welcome back, redemption w...

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    Loved this book It touched my heart There were many biblical principles and reminders of God s redemption, faithfulness, and His future plans for our lives

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    In this book all of the Baxter children return for a dinner It had been awhile since all of them had been together in one setting They are finally happy when they find out that their mother has cancer She will not be able to fight it off As they wait for a miracle, we see that they had a big secret They had had a child before marriage, but had given him up for adoption because they were too young He is a famous actor, but cannot find his biological parents He has tried many times, but always gets dead ended Finally, he learns that his mother has cancer and does not have long to live He goes to see her, and sees her right before she dies Her last wish was to see him before she died John, his father, goes in to check on her and she tries to explain that she had seen him He automatically thinks it is the cancer spreading througho...

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    I loved getting an insight into the lives of John and Elizabeth Baxter, the mother and father of the Baxter family i have come to know and love through reading all the Baxter family books The previous books opened a window into each of their children s lives, so I really enjoyed finding out how the couple met, the troubles and trials they went through initially and how the Baxter family first got started I don t want to give too much away about the story line but this was THE most touching of the series, contained the most miracles and really emphasized and highlighted what it truly means to have a relationship with God and to know Him as your Heave...

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    I fell in love with the Baxter family from book 1 so obviously I m gonna love it Yes, so the books are a bit predictable, but who cares The message is so strong and it s so nice to see scripture in a fiction book, so you see it s not all fiction, because we know God is real

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    This book was wonderful like the rest of the series but very difficult to read It was primarily about Elizabeth Baxter, mother and matriarch of the Baxter family, losing her battle with cancer Since I ve read the Sunrise series, I knew she was going to pass away, but struggled along with the family and never lost hope for a miracle I also noticed on the front cover of the book the grave stone in the Baxter s backyard If this is supposed to be Elizabeth s, next to the bench her and John would spend talking on, it doesn t make sense because in the Sunrise series the family would visit a cemetery with a bench beside the grave Anyway, the family gets to say their goodbyes, but a secret between Elizabeth and John remains They gave up their first born son when Elizabeth got pregnant before they were married They tried to locate him when Elizabeth first battled cancer in the 90 s, but had no luck Instead, Dayne Matthews, movie star, finds Elizabeth Through a series of coincidences, Dayne s entertainment lawyer is in a firm where Luke Baxter is working as an intern part time, before he gets his law degree Dayne is introduced to Luke and they have no problem having a conversation When Luke shows Dayne pictures of his family and his mother, Dayne is struck with a knowing that he s seen Elizabeth s pictu...

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