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Sufis and Mystics of the World This Book Is A Journey Into The Realm Of Ancient Wisdom Through The Eyes Of The Sufis And The Mystics Their Quest To Attain Mystical Union With The Divine Beloved Chisels A Path Toward The Garden Of Love, Peace And Harmony Since Eighth Century Onward, Sufis And Mystics Have Captured The Hearts And Minds Of The Spiritual Seekers With Their Timeless Message Of Unity In All Creeds, Cultures And Religions Featured Sufis And Mystics In This Collection Are Hafiz Jalalal Din Rumi Omar Khayyam Sa Adi Rabia Ibn Al Arabi Al Hallaj Farid Ud Din Attar Sarmad St John Of The Cross Prophet Muhammad Khalil Gibran Umar Ibn Al Farid Kabir Rabindranath Tagore C S Lewis St Augustine All Are Proclaiming Love As The Highest Of Virtues And Singing The Song Of Oneness Nurtured By My Love For The Sufis And Mystics This Book Lends Voice To My Speech On Sufism Delivered At Columbia University Love Is The Theme Of This Book As Abridged In The Quatrain Below Love Holy And Enshrined From The String Of Each Heart Serenading Beloved With A Song Divine On The Harp Of Frolicsome Breeze

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