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A Walk Through Time: From Stardust to Us--The Evolution of Life on Earth Imagine A Walk Where Every Step Forward Transports You A Few Million Years In Time Just Such A Mind Expanding Premise Inspired This Landmark Book, Developed From The Acclaimed Walk Through Time Exhibit On Tour Around The World Here, In One Volume, Is The Remarkable Drama Of The History Of The Universe And Life On Earth Travel From The Furious Blast Of The Big Bang To The First Pulse Of Life, And On Through The Rich Pageant Of Life S Evolution From Primordial Microbes To The Rise Of Homo Sapiens Span 15 Billion Years To Discover Life S Greatest Mysteries Emerging Over 130 Beautiful Four Color Illustrations And An Absorbing Narrative Highlight Significant Events And Themes In Earth S Life Story The Original Exhibit Itself Is Re Created As A Timeline That Runs Throughout The Book, Pinpointing Key Stages In The Evolutionary Drama And Where They Fall In The Vast Sweep Of Time.

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    3.5 stars Most of my issues with the book are due to flow and layout, but overall I think the authors offer some quality, deep food for thought Quibbles 1 I found it a bit jarring how the Earth timeline didn t match up with the main text, but it would ve been hard to make them coincide better, given the format of the book 2 I wish they featured scientific illustrations of ancient creatures it would ve been a great wa...

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    The title of this book than hints that the authors will walk the reader through the long evolution of life The book does do this and even anchors evolution in the history of stars and the cosmos But time in this way is almost incidental to what is the fundamental theme of this book All matter, inorganic and organic, is governed by self assembly and self organizing dynamics Atoms and galaxies are not aggregates but self organizing communities pulled together by forces of attraction The power of attraction is, though, one half of the dynamic The othr half is resistance, and the attraction resistance dynamic eventually leads to a balance between and among bodies that allows for the formation of a community, or one body in relation to other bodies A community in this sense consists of both autonomous parts that are also parts of a greater whole This becomes clearer in the book s description of life s evolution that is a series of wholes becoming part...

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    Wandering through the library I allowed my inner geek to pick this It has always fasinated me how rock can be different colours and how gem stones are formed this book got a bit preachy towards the end after charting, what this scientist interperates from fossils and bedrock, to be a fairly accurate timeline he starts pred...

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    A bit scientific in parts, explaining every process of life from the Big Bang to bacteria and the dinosaurs millions of years ago, but a well written book, with good illustrations on nearly every second page.

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