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Reaper's Run Reaper S Run Read Author David VanDyke Jwdfitness.co.uk When US Marine Sergeant Jill Repeth S Blown Off Legs Begin To Regenerate, She Thinks It S A Medical Miracle But The Breakthrough That Heals Her War Injuries Is Exactly What The Government Desperately Wants To Hide By Any Means Necessary Hunted, She Must Cross An America Wracked By Strife, To Try To Find A Family Who May Already Be Dead.Reaper S Run Is An Origins Story And Apocalyptic Novel, The Beginning Of One Warrior S Journey From Tactical Cop To Freedom Fighter And Beyond It Leads The Reader Into The Acclaimed Plague Wars Science Fiction Series.This Book Contains A Bonus Post Apocalyptic Novella By Prolific Author Ryan King.The Plague Wars Series The Eden Plague Reaper S Run The Demon Plagues The Reaper Plague The Orion Plague Comes The Destroyer Plague Wars 5, Forthcoming Summer 2013Stellar Conquest Series Planetary Assault Contains First Conquest Stellar Conquest Book 1 Desolator Book 2 Tactics Of Conquest Book 3 Fall 2013 PG 13 For Language, Violence And Adult Situations Non Explicit See From This Author At Davidvandykeauthor.comThis Book Is Free Of Digital Rights Management DRM

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    Reaper s Run Plague Wars Series, Book 1 is the apocalyptic action adventure technothriller novel that continues the story started in The Eden Plague Plague Wars Series, Book 0.U.S Marine Sergeant Jill Repeth must go through an incredible learning curve in order to survive While adjusting to the many ways in which the Eden Plague has changed her body, even regrowing the lower legs and feet she lost in war, she s also forced to adjust to the frightening ways in which the Plague has changed her country Those in power use any means possible to control those infected with the Eden Plague The infection heals people in both body and mind, removes their violent tendencies, and appears to offer eternal life or at least the possibility of living to a thousand years As wonderful as the benefits of this plague are, those in power realize that if people become healthy, fearless and nonviolent, they won t be as...

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    What could have been a good book was over shadowed by the religious fanatics who preach the word of the lord then run a grab their guns so they can shoot people Maybe the american translation of the bible says thou shalt kill I have to wonder if the virus was affecting ...

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    To be honest, I wasn t sure about this book.The genre isn t one of my favorites.I was pleasantly surprised This is a really good book Fast, plausible, difficult to put down, very interesting Worth reading once at least.Although, Reaper does seem a bit too practical and matter of fact, it could be due to her training or the tim...

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    Personal Note See Plague Wars Trilogy on kindle

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    Definitely not what I thought it d be but it was a good read.

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    Aside from some interesting parallels to our current and possible future political climate, this book was unfortunately all cheese and clich There are also a lot of amazingly abrupt plot transitions with no segue other than Four Years La...

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    This was an ok book It did drag a bit for me I kept finding myself looking for other things to do I can usually read books this size in a couple hours but this one took me 3 days Overall, it was an ok book but I doubt I will read further.

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    See the full review at Brian s Book Blog A book that fell a bit short3 out of 5 starsI wasn t even thinking of the irony of my title until I started to write up my review Reaper s Run follows Jill a Marine who has had her legs blown off while fighting for her country Jill was quarantined on a cruise ship with other Sickos who they think had the Eden Plague I won t go into too much detail so I don t spoil the story but the story follows her as she tries to figure out what life will be like now that the world has turned upside down.Sometimes a book just falls a bit short and it s really no one s fault Sometimes you hear about a series or you see a synopsis or cover on or Audible that just really catches your eye and the book isn t what you were expecting I try to go into books with as open of a mind as someone can and I did that with Reaper s Run But it just wasn t exactly the story for me.The funny thing is that I liked the story, but I didn t love it That s why I m giving it three stars It was a good story with a good plot and a seemingly enjoyable main character She seems a little green and a little bit too caring and ...

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    I bought this book in the boxed set, with the prequel, Book 0, this book, and the next At the moment, I only read the first book, and have not read the prequel yet I will leave reviews of the other books as I read them.Jill Repeth, a half Latina former Military Police soldier, lost the lower half of her legs in war She s on a boat, when all of a sudden, people start healing People who were in wheelchairs can walk This plague was originally a cure for all illnesses, but it also has the virtue effect It makes people have a strong sense of morality Of course, the people in power can t have that How will they take advantage of the poor and less well off So begins a reverse zombie post apocalyptic series This is very much a what if zombies were innocent people and the government was evil story It was a refreshing take on a familiar trope.The action itself is also very tight and fast paced There are no unnecessary descriptions, and it wasn t boring at all.The only thing slightly confusing, is that even if the people in power were greedy for power, nothing would make them so evil as to bomb a ship of 3,000 civilians, or round people up into detainment centers I also wasn t quite sure of the difference between the SS and the Unionists Scientists would have done proper experiments to make sure the disease was actually a disease, and as far as I know, corporations don t have this much control over the gove...

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    Breezy read Not a story for the ages, but I enjoyed my time with the protagonist Jill Reaper Repeth as her world is turned upside down by the Eden Plague As a story device, the plague is interesting because it doesn t go the zombie route, but rather has generally beneficial features for those who contact it, but also has two significant drawbacks increased caloric needs, and everyone getting a conscience that seems to preclude a lot of self defense The first of those drawbacks felt organic to me than the second, which reeked of authorial contrivance so that you know infected characters are not bad people Anyway, the story tracks Jill from her vacation on board a doomed cruise ship through her return to the US as she hopes to find out the fate of her family back in Los Angeles As a road trip type plot, I liked it, especially Jill s resourcefulness in situations both good and bad She s never presented as super woman, but rather falls back on her training to carry her through This leads to my big criticism of the plot driven book I feel the only connections she made interpersonally were wit...

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