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An Accidental King Ebook An Accidental King By Mark Patton Federicoscridel.eu Novel Of The 1st Century Ad.Spanning The First Five Decades Of Roman Rule In Britain, It Is A Story Of Conflict And Rebellion, Trust And Betrayal, Told From The Perspective Of Tiberius Claudius Cogidubnus, The Pro Roman Client King Of Southern Britain In The Autumn Of 79 AD, As He Approaches The End Of His Life, Cogidubnus Reflects On His Friendship With The Emperors, Claudius And Vespasian On The Boudiccan Revolt, Which He Tried To Prevent And On His Troubled Relationships With A Series Of Governors And Imperial Bureaucrats, Many Of Whom Were Cruel And Corrupt It Is The Story Of One Man S Attempts To Reconcile Two Profoundly Different Cultures, Which Fascinate And Repel Each Other In Equal Measure, A Story Whose Resonances Reverberate Down To Our Own Times.

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    Mark Patton weaves a wonderful tale of the life of King Cogidubnus, Great King of the Britons Details of the time period, approximately AD 43 through AD 79, are superb vivid, evocative and often brutally frank in their descriptions of the horrendous violence of war A pro Roman client king, Cogidubnus relates his relationships with Rome and his fellow Britons, and highlights the choices he had to make as both a priest and as a king Essentially a peacemaker, and not a warrior, Cogidubnus recalls the stories of many other characters, interweaving their relevance to options he took at different points in his life and how circumstances changed those characters Mark Patton kept me, as a reader, on my toes as he dots back and forth during the era covered feeding important information about particular well known people and events The addition of poems and quotations adds anticipation to the coming events I loved the expressions used to identify seasons in pre Roman terms Shoot show when the bluebells pop up and the names chosen for characters Beautiful phrasing made a lovely impact sailed across the wine dark sea, traversing the hidden highways of the fish Mark Patton paints a very vibrant picture, of the pomp and ceremony of Rome, and of the good and less good Governors and important Roman personages who spent time in Britannia He indicates the power of suggestion some c...

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    A basic knowledge of Celtic Romano Briton would be advisable so as to follow who the main characters are in this highly enjoyable story told in flashback.

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    I was very pleased with this novel and recommend it highly the POV of King Cogidubnus, a Roman client king in Roman Britain In his 60s, he remembers his decades long reign as Great King of the Britons The story spans the Roman Conquest to soon after the death of Emperor Vespasian We learn of his lifelong friendship with Vespasian, who is introduced into the novel in a most unorthodox and clever way We read of his steadfast friendship with Aulus Plautius, the conqueror of Britain, and his wife Pomponia Graecina For much of the novel Cogidubnus talks with the new Governor, Julius Agricola, and answers his questions The earnest Agricola wants to rule well and so wants to learn the events through the years As Agricola says to paraphrase some governors are good only in leading soldiers and some only in administration to be good in both spheres is a rare combination.We are presented with Cogidubnus memories throughout the years The novel jumps from time period to time period, but the chapter headings make the differences clear each section is one element of a conversation, leading into...

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    I must confess that while reading this I couldn t help but wonder what one thing about the book really grabbed my attention something to focus a review on As I continued, I gradually realized that it was the whole understated approach in this narrative that was the one thing Now that may sound strange but I found the author s style to be subtle yes, but also descriptive and educational Let me set up the story a little, the narrator is Cogidubnus a priest and King of the Regenses and who was elevated to Great King of Britain by Claudius The point in the story where I saw through the subliminal like message of the text was Cogidubnus telling his audience of his first visit to Rome The awe inspiring splendor of Rome as seen through the eyes of a wattle and thatch hut existence woke me up to the descriptive talents of the author.The protagonist sees himself as a priest first even after Claudius elevates him He always strives for a peaceful solution as this best pleases the gods, but there are times and events during his long reign that are far from peaceful He not only has to deal with the likes of Caratacos and Boudicca but with mostly uncaring, stubborn Roman officials There are exceptions to the avarice driven as Cogidubnus makes a lifelong friend in Vespasian and has a decent rapport with Claudius I really enjoyed how Vespasian...

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    This was a fascinating book set in Britain between the 40s 80s AD The challenge came from all the ancient names of a cast of characters worthy of populating such a swathe of history and the fact that ...

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    This is a well written novel about the British Great King Cogidubnus, in form of a memoir, covering the events in Britain from the reigns of Tiberius to Vespasian Very imaginative I can highly recommend this.

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