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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Towns of the Inner Sea PDF Epub Pathfinder Campaign Setting Towns Of The Inner Sea Author Judy Bauer Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Hear Ye Hear Ye Whether They Re The Starting Points Of Incredible Campaigns, Communities Facing Unfathomable Dangers, Or Merely Places For Adventurers To Rest And Resupply, Vibrantly Detailed Towns Are Vital To Any Fantasy Adventure Towns Of The Inner Sea Explores Six Small But Richly Detailed Settlements From The Pathfinder Campaign Setting Each Entry Provides Insights Into The Town S History, Culture, And Residents, As Well As What Dangers Lurk In The Shadows Numerous Adventure Hooks, Full Page Maps, And Stat Blocks For Key NPCs Make These Towns Fully Realized Settings, Ready For Game Masters To Drop Into Campaigns Whenever They Re Needed.This Book Contains Details On The Following Distincitve Towns Diobel What You Can T Get In Absalom, You Can Get In This Notorious Smuggler S Port Falcon S Hollow Were Monsters And Curses Not Enough, The Ambitions Of This Town S Greedy Overseers Would Still Trap Its Residents In Mud And Sawdust Ilsurian Torn Between Rival City States, This Varisian Town Bows To No Master Pezzak This Sheltered Port Defies The Rules Of The Devil Dominated Nation Of Cheliax, Its Rebel Spirit Burning Strong Despite Its Scheming Overlords Solku This Pious Fortress Town Faces Constant Threats From Nearby Gnoll Tribes, And While Its Walls Stand Unbreached, None Can Say For How Much Longer Trunau Trapped On The Wrong Side Of The Border With The Orcs Of Belkzen, The Citizens Of This Stronghold Stand Fast Against Savagery.Cover Art By Jesper Ejsing

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    Very nice write up of some towns that don t have a lot of information on them in other books I particularly enjoyed Diobel, Falcon s Hollow, and Ilsurian The art is also fantastic And of course, all of this matters most if you play Pathfinder.

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    Lots of interesting towns They are a little tied to specific locations than I would have liked.

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    A very good supplement, full of great information of some the towns of the Inner Sea Creative uses of place and NPCs.

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