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Hardball PDF Epub Hardball Author George Stalk Jr Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Great Companies Stumble And Fall When They Lose It Highfliers Crash When A Competitor Notices They Don T Have It Start Ups Shut Down If They Can T Develop It It Is A Strategy So Powerful And An Execution Driven Mindset So Relentless That Companies Use It To Gain Than Just Competitive Advantage They Achieve An Industry Dominance That Is Virtually Unassailable And That Competitors Often Try To Explain Away As Unfair In Their Hardball Manifesto, Authors George Stalk And Rob Lachenauer Of The Leading Strategy Consulting Firm The Boston Consulting Group Show How Hardball Competitors Can Build Or Maintain An Enviable Competitive Edge By Pursuing One Or Of The Classic Hardball Strategies Unleash Massive And Overwhelming Force, Exploit Anomalies, Devastate Profit Sanctuaries, Raise Competitors Costs, And Break Compromises.Based On 25 Years Of Experience Advising And Observing A Range Of Companies, The Authors Argue That Hardball Competitors Can Gain Extreme Competitive Advantage Neutralizing, Marginalizing, Or Even Destroying Competitors Without Violating Their Contracts With Customers Or Employees And Without Breaking The Rules A Clear Eyed Paean To The Timeless Strategies That Have Driven The World S Winning Companies, Hardball Strategy Redefines And Reinterprets The Meaning Of Competition For A New Generation Of Business Players George Stalk And Rob Lachenauer Are Directors Of The Boston Consulting Group Stalk Is The Author Of Competing Against Time, The Classic Work On Time Based Competition.

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    First a disclaimer I m not really anybody, but let me say that Stalk and Lachenauer have written a phenomenal book on business strategy that applies at any scale The lessons in each of the book s chapters are clear and the case studies do an excellent job of illustrating the impact By framing strategy in terms of a competitive mindset, and distilling it throug...

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    A concise volume listing all the classic competitive strategies.

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    Hardball s aim is to help deliver decisive strategies to businesses in order to gain a competitive advantage in a difficult business world The book does a good job at detailing, with real life examples, strategies one can use to get an edge over competition However,often than not I found myself feeling like examples were usedthan once and the material to be somewhat obvious Maybe, its because the book is n...

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    A fantastic book with concepts that are not commonly found in business books I would compare this as the modern day translation of Sun Tzu s Art of War The chapters layout specific ways for businesses to attack the competition and defend thei...

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    Surprisingly good for a management book The strategies they talk about owe a lot to GE, or at least to Jack Welch s summary of what GE did Find some positioning price, quality, customization, speed where you can be 1 or 2 Be 1 or 2 at that Use MA judiciously t...

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    A great book on how to fight battles This is a great book on the fundamentals of the business battles Put together in a very simple and concise way.

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    Will save you a few hours of reading by summarizing all the substance of this book in one sentence to win, a company must make aggressive moves and attack competition Book lacks insight cliches galore , misunderstands ultimate business objectiv...

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    Nice concept, poor implementation Treatment of GM highly biased by client consultant perspective.

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    Started this book, but must not have enough testosterone to get it This book was written by guys with extremely small dicks wishing they could play Hardball Dud.

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    Loosely coupled set of business cases from several industries some are too much detailed

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