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Between These Pages PDF Epub Between These Pages Catherine A MacKenzie Thomashillier.co.uk This Book Is A Compilation Of 18 Short Stories The Best Of The Author S Best Written In 2012 And The First Part Of 2013 There Are Several Sappy Stories, But The Rest Are Her Usual Dark And Twisty Stories Some Of The Stories Start Out Normal, But Eventually The Reader Realizes Something Isn T Quite Right They Include Stories Of Women Seeking Revenge Against Their Lovers A Vitch Who Has Proclaimed Herself Judge, Jury And Executioner A Young Woman Afraid Of Her Scars A Dying Woman S Last Wish A Family Secret So Great It Could Destroy The Individuals Involved And A Man Running Away From His Death There Are Some F Words And A Couple Of Non Graphic Sex Scenes.

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    I read Between These Pages over a fairly extended period simply because life suddenly became very busy Not all of the stories are good but enough are great to make up for it, making this a very readable collection I started off not particularly engrossed, but by about half way through the stories became sharper They often ended with a satisfying twisted, or an ambiguity that was thought provoking rather than simply baffling.Perhaps it is because the author ordered the stories by the age of the protagonists, and older characters naturally have depth and pathos Or perhaps because the elements of infidelity, troubled relationships and murder go from being repetitive to genuine themes as each story adds a new layer.As high points I would point to stories with vivid images like the wife with a mannequin made in her image The Mannequin or the woman sinking is is she into a geothermal sinkhole Trapped in the Swallow Others may be somewhat shaky in execution but are intriguing in theme like a society where the road toll has gone from an unconscious sacrifice to a civic responsibility The Quota.My favorite, strangely enough given my lifelong love of gothic horror, is the one completely nice and happy story in the collection Although it appears near the beginning, Away with the Fairies feels like closes the loop of the repeated themes by showing how the older generation can help the younger ...

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