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The LSAT Trainer PDF The LSAT Trainer Author Mike Kim Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Introducing A Remarkable New Self Study Guide For The Law School Admission Test The LSAT Trainer Your LSAT Score Is The Most Important Part Of The Law School Admissions Process It Is Far Important Than Your Essays, Your Recommendations, Your GPA, Where You Went To College, Or Where You Come From A Top LSAT Score Can Open Doors For You That Would Be Virtually Impossible To Open Otherwise Most People Are Capable Of Drastically Improving Their Scores With The Right Preparation Most People Score About The Same On The Actual Exam As They Do On Their First Diagnostic The LSAT Trainer Is The Most Advanced And Effective LSAT Learning System Ever Developed No Other Book Has Ever Explained The LSAT With As Much Depth And Clarity, Or Presented Strategies That Are As Simple, Intuitive, And Effective But That S Not What Makes The LSAT Trainer Truly Special Other Books Are Designed To Help You Understand The LSAT And That S What We Expect Our Academic Books To Do But The LSAT Is Not A Test Of What You Know Arguably, A Super Smart Eighth Grader With No Advanced Training But Great Reading Skills And Common Sense Can Get A Perfect Score On The Exam The LSAT Is A Test Of How You Think The LSAT Trainer Is A Workbook It Is Specifically Designed To Help You Get Better And Better At Thinking Through And Solving LSAT Questions Lessons And Strategies Are Carefully Combined With Pinpointed Drills And Hundreds Of Real LSAT Problems To Help You Transform What You Read About Into What You Can Do Other Books Can Help You Understand The LSAT The LSAT Trainer Will Help You Get Better At It.

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    Great book Full disclaimer my review may be premature, given that I have not yet taken the LSAT But performance on my practice tests has improved noticeably, and my approach to the test has changed as a result of this book.Mike s approach is best described as naturalistic for each section While he outlines question types and discusses specific strategies in detail, there are overarching general strategies that are particularly emphasized The goal is to be comfortable enough with general approaches that one can flexible solve a large number of questions Habit formation, in brief.The books contains plenty of drills and practice questions, which is obviously important for building solid approaches habits I would not use this book in isolation if one s scores are uneven My sole problem section was LR, and while Mike s tips were useful, having a book of equal length as the Trainer that treats only one of the three sections obviously perm...

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    During my LSAT prep I used this book and some of the Powerscore books as well I liked the different perspective this book offered compared to Powerscore, especially for the games I also liked the format of this book compared to Powerscore There were lots of call out sections highlighting the detailed information and making it easy to review The last thing I liked about this book was the approach it took in terms of ordering and layering s...

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    I am convinced that this book helped me jump 6 points to get a 170 score on my LSAT The book itself is just aesthetically lovely, brimming over with motivational messages and genuinely helpful advice I found myself repeating many of the mantras, which usually don t work for me but these ones really did For example, for the RC section, I always pictured Mike Kim s advice WHY is the author writing this Thanks, Mike Kim You are a LSAT rock star I can...

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    378.167 K493 2013

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    Absolutely invaluable during LSAT prep The author uses relatable analogies to make the concepts tested in this exam approachable and intuitive Cannot recommend a better book to study

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    This was an excellent study aid for the LSAT I thought it was much better than the Kaplan book which I also had used It goes through types of questions and dissects them from a theoretical logic standpoint it s almost like a refresher course in symbolic logic and rhetoric The writing is clear and persuasive, but also encouraging throughout i.e don t give up if you got the wrong answer this time, here s another way to think ab...

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    Really helpful Very clear breakdowns of logical reasoning, a cheery outlook with lame but encouraging jokes, and a fantastic overview of diagramming strategies and tons of drills I worked through it at crash course speed to improve my logical reasoning and games an...

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    Mike Kim demonstrates he knows how to effectively approach the LSAT, but than that, he also shows he knows the pitfalls students will likely face on the road to a higher score Hands down, the best LSAT prep on the market today.

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