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Cosmopolis PDF Epub Cosmopolis By Don DeLillo Chardonneret.eu Um Dia Na Vida Do Milion Rio Eric Michael Packer, Que Percorre As Ruas Convulsivas De Nova York Em Sua Limusine, De Onde Controla Os Neg Cios, Recebe Assessores E Tem Encontros Amorosos Ao Mesmo Tempo, O Sistema Financeiro Global Arrastado Para Uma Crise Sem Precedentes Uma Novela Em Forma De F Bula Uma F Bula Para Os Tempos P S Modernos.

  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Cosmopolis
  • Don DeLillo
  • Portuguese
  • 16 May 2017

About the Author: Don DeLillo

Don DeLillo is an American author best known for his novels, which paint detailed portraits of American life in the late 20th and early 21st centuries He currently lives outside of New York City.Among the most influential American writers of the past decades, DeLillo has received, among author awards, a National Book Award White Noise, 1985 , a PEN Faulkner Award Mao II, 1991 , and an American

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    Pre Film ReviewI re read this novel, before seeing David Cronenberg s film see Post 21.SPOILERSThis review reveals what I think about the fate of the protagonist at the end of the novel.My views are based on my interpretation of material that starts at page 55 of the 209 page novel.If this material or my interpretation is incorrect, then the novel leaves you hanging at the end.As my views on the novel as a whole depend on an interpretation of the protagonist s fate, please don t read my review if you want to form your own views in isolation.Mutual DedicationIn 1992, Paul Auster dediciated Leviathan to Don DeLillo.In 2003, DeLillo repaid the favour by dedicating Cosmopolis to Auster.Here is a photo of the two of them on the left taken at the baseball with two employees of the Gotham Book Mart by the store s owner The Name Cosmopolis We are all used to the word cosmopolitan , but cosmopolis is less commonly used.To the extent that the prefix cosmo suggests the world or the universe, it implies that the city is representative of the diversity of the world or the universe.We can probably infer that the city is sophisticated and worldly, has an international rather than provincial character, and is home to many cosmopolitan people....

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    I should have known I read Falling Man and found it impenetrable at first and only slightly less so when I managed to finish it at the third attempt Maybe Cosmopolis is very clever if it is it s way too clever for me I did stick with it it s only a short tale in the hope all would become clear It never really did The core theme is simple enough man with everything really has nothing but I just could t identify with the main character and, worst of all, the words just didn t knit together for me.I don t know what it is with DeLillo Maybe I just lack the wit to appreciate his prose, but for me the man just can t string sentences together that provide interest, let alone excitement And, worse still, I just don t think his writing ...

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    Sorry but this was for me below par for DeLillo s standards, which I have to say on the whole are remarkably good Felt like a second rate Bret Easton Ellis, detached, cold and Narcissistic, infused with a surreal and nightmarish tone The story is set on the corrosive and packed streets of Manhattan gripped by a state of paranoia and tension, and the comfy confinements of a billionaires stretch limo, this is basically one man s odyssey to get a haircut while the world outside his windows seems to be falling apart There are clear nods towards 9 11 when written, and although this story is set a year before the terror attacks it quite clearly has a message on the state of American wealth and capitalism underwhelming feel throughout, but these two reasons didn t help either,1 The last book read by DeLillo was The Names which had a depth and intelligence far greater than this, and c...

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    As eerie, weird, morbid, yet concise as writers go, Don De Lillo takes the cake In White Noise , people go a lil crazy after a chemical spill makes an OCD person s otherwise superdirty world into a superdooperdirty world There are waves of radiation everywhere, as the world becomes infiltrated by lil parasites.In Cosmopolis , the Y2K scare is meshed with American Psycho Eric is a multimillionaire billionaire who can control the American Stock Market via a gadgeted limo Far out But he ignores what occurs one fine April day yr 2000 in NYC he is the archetype we all have known and loved all along.There is much to ponder aft...

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    Che Ambientato nell anno 2000.Un giovane uomo ricchissimo e ben addentro nelle stanze del potere attraversa su un iperaccessoriata limousine, in una caotica giornata di traffico, la metropoli per andare a farsi un taglio di capelli Durante questo viaggio, dilatato nelle lunghe ore di percorso, accade di tutto, dalla buffonata alla tragedia.Nel libro di Don DeLillo, molto bello stilisticamente e piuttosto noioso, c una rappresentazione inquietante ed implicitamente parecchio critica della realt americana contemporanea, con una scrittura di vetro e acciaio, che ben si adatta al paesaggio urbano della metropoli, ed un linguaggio che evidenzia la pochezza umana e la volgarit della realt descritta linguaggio talvolta in bilico, a rischio di trasformarsi esso stesso portatore di quella volgarit Lo stile dell autore per regge, anzi diventa un meccanismo letterario collaudato, in cui spesso possibile gustare il piacere estetico emanato dall architettura del discorso, dal concatenarsi delle frasi per me lettore, unica piacevolezza che questo libro consenta.Qui DeLillo punta di diamante dello scrittore tipicamente americano americano contemporaneo volto allo svelamento di personaggi che han perduto se stessi.La pienezza di significato del libro sta proprio nella r...

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    The Problem of Language It was a matter of silences, not words There are those who indict DeLillo on charges of criminal literary laziness, but I would submit that actually, what he possesses is an immense understanding of the limitations inherent in language as a mode of expression, and while perhaps superficially a little ironic, I would also submit that it is a crucial thing on which to have a grasp, as a practitioner of the written word As evidenced by the overall pithiness, refusal to go into territory that would most likely be discussed at a quantum mystics board meeting do they have board meetings , and specifically, the seemingly insignificant and infantile inquiries into linguistics and etymology, he displays his hold on, let me grab my thesaurus perspicacity, not simple mindedness, in these fields Our assigned protagonist, Er obert ic Packer son , compulsively dwells on meanings of words Here he pokes a note to himself about the anachronistic quality of the word skyscraper , and here asks his currency analyst, Michael Chi...

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    Music Moby First Cool Hive Porcelain I didn t get the book when I first attempted to read it I feel one benefits from seeing the movie of this book first the book only opened to me after seeing it If you get the movie, this should also go easier there s a little stuff in the book that s not on the film, but that makes the film flow better April 2000 We follow the one day disintegration of a 28 year old billionaire asset man, Eric Packer, who decides that morning to take a ride in his stretch limo to the other side of New York, to a place where his father came from, to get a haircut at a place his father used to visit The ride takes longer tha...

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    This is book number eight on my journey to read everything written by Don DeLillo I have not yet read his famous works, Libra and White Noise, though I m kind of saving them because in a way, I know it s probably going to be down hill from there That is to say, Underworld, Libra, and White Noise are probably his best work So I m jumping around them Well, I did read Underworld, but I will probably end up re reading that one Everyone seems to either hate Cosmopolis or just appreciate it for its stylistic prose but nothing else And that seems to be how most people feel about DeLillo What first drew me to DeLillo was his ability to write a sentence, to say things about the world that I had never dreamed of even thinking about, and then say them in a way that was simple, beautiful, ethereal, and complex He is a man obsessed with words on a page how they look, how they sound, the musicality of language I often feel as if I am reading poetry His later works, such as The Body Artist, Cosmopolis, and most recently, Falling Man, are becoming and abstract I don t know if it s backlash from Underworld, which was massive and exhausting but in a good way, and now he feels the need to pare his work down to the bare essentials, to compress and compact his novels until he s just writing in between blank spaces His last three novels combined don t add up to Underworld, page wise.So I gave Cosmopolis four stars I read it in ...

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    It s a weird and complicated novel Absolutely not something I would normally read It reminds me of the literary books I had to read for my High school graduation exams So why torture myself and read it Well, in May 2011 David Cronenberg will start filming the movie based on this novel that will be released somewhere in 2012 The very talented Robert Pattinson who I adore will play the role of Eric Packer, a newly wed financial wizard and billionaire, who drives through town New York in his limo to get a haircut I think the part of Eric, who is pretty excuse me for the language f cked up, will be very challenging for Rob There are some scenes I m really looking forward to see on the big screen and some saucy lines I m really looking forward to hear coming from Rob s mouth.Eric is like this multi billionaire genius prince who lives isolated in his ivory tower and owns a white horse limo He seems to have everything, but yet he has nothing He s bored, there is no challenge, no satisfaction, he s totally disconnected from the outside world no friends, doesn t look people in the face eyes, doesn t know recognize his own wife , he has a medical condition that frightens him and he doesn t know what to do any He wants to break free, to li...

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    3 Delillo 28 2000 , , , , , ..4 .

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