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!!> Download ➹ Desire Wears Diamonds ➾ Author Renee Bernard – Capitalsoftworks.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • Desire Wears Diamonds
  • Renee Bernard
  • English
  • 21 September 2019

Desire Wears DiamondsReading Desire Wears Diamonds By Renee Bernard Undercostruction.eu When Betrayal Is The Only Path Open, And Passion Is The Only Enemy He Never Anticipated The Shy Soldier And Self Appointed Guardian Of The Jaded, Michael Rutherford Is Faced With The Ultimate Test Of His Loyalty And Honor When He Meets The Woman Who Is At Once His Perfect Match And The Worst Choice He Could Ever Make The Final Battle With The Jaded S Greatest Enemy Will Force Him To Choose Between The Brotherhood He Has Vowed To Protect And Shielding The Innocent Lady He Comes To Love For Michael, It Is A Dance With The Devil For A Chance To Taste The Kisses Of An Angel Grace Porter Is No Ordinary Wallflower Or Shy Spinster Hiding In The Shadows Of Her Brother S London Home She Is A Quiet Rebel With Secrets Of Her Own And A Woman Who Dreams Of An Independent Life, Free To Pursue Her Dreams As A Writer Her Imagination Holds The Key To Her Survival, But It Fuels Her Retreat From The Colorless World Around Her Until Michael Rutherford S Arrival Upturns Her Every Fantasy And Threatens Her Sanctuary With His Lies His Embrace Is Intoxicating To Her Senses, But Grace Isn T The Kind Of Woman To Lose Her Head Or Her Heart It S A Knuckle Biting Race To The Finish For Fans Of The Jaded As Fan Favorite Michael Rutherford Discovers The Identity Of The Jackal, And Michael Learns That Sometimes The Price To Pay For Justice Is The Sacrifice Of Hope And Happiness He Will Risk Everything As The Jaded Call Him Out As A Traitor And Nothing Is What It Seems.

About the Author: Renee Bernard

What in the world is a retired Navy chaplain s daughter doing writing scorching hot historical romances and paranormal graphic novels Renee Bernard is applying a great education from traveling all over the world to story telling and doing her best to keep her father proud Truthfully, her father is her number one fan, even though he has sworn never to read a single word of her books a vow he has

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    I found this book while looking for stories with the audio version for 1.99 This is an emotionally charged romance with engaging characters and a great plot I thoroughly enjoyed Desire Wears Diamonds from the first page to the end This is the first book I have read by Renee Bern...

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    What can I say about the finale to the series of The Jaded I laughed and I must admit I cried a little bit Yes I m a softie but I have loved these books for so long and formed a bond with these characters One of my favorite book boyfriends is Ashe from Seduction Wears Sapphires But this story is about the quiet Michael Rutherford, and the final push to discover the identity if the Jackal Michael has always seen himself a the protector of the group and swore, as each friend succumbed to marriage that should it be necessary , he would sacrifice himself to save themGrace Porter has been demoralized all her life, first by her father, then by her brother She has a secret she is not willing to give up and k ows that she is too strange and different to every marryBut when Rutherford and Grace meet there is an undeniable spark between them Will Michael betray his brothers for the woman he ...

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    The Jaded are all men of knowledge or of wealth, except for Michael Rutherford, who, as the son of a gameskeeper, has the humblest background of the group As a young man, Michael had grand aspirations of working his way up the ranks but his superiors have placed Michael firmly in a box He served as hitman assassin thug for the East India Company in Bengal and it didn t take long before Michael started believing that that was all he was good for Rutherford s a villain. loc 209 Grace grew up with a restrictive father and an equally controlling brother She grew up believing she wasn t going to be worthy of being anybody s wife because she was a plain nobody Grace accepted her lot in life and made the best of it quietly managing her brother s house and fading into the background when necessary But, under the pseudonym A.R Crimson, Grace created worlds of adventure, danger and of intrepid explorers saving the money she earned so that, one day, she might have enough to escape her brother s tyranny and make her own way in the world.Grace is literally and figuratively what M...

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    DNF 10% My eyes started skimming This type of heroine has been done so many times before witty, overlooked, sheltered, kind, with no prospect for marriage Too much tell Even the conversations explain too much Not rating because it is probably an ok book overall but I can t get into it.

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    Michael Rutherford has been known as the gentle giant of the Jaded From the beginning he has appointed himself as the protector of the his fellow Jaded brothers He has vowed to protect them from the evils that could befall them, when leaving India and returning to England As the twist and turns have led the Jaded on a bumpy exciting ride, Michael has been at the forefront helping his fellow brothers through what evil is waiting Finally, after three years of the Jaded being taunted Michael is ready to face the Jackal and put an end to the games he has put the gentleman through However, nothing is ever that simple when facing the Jackal Michael will be tested beyond all measures to save his fellow brothers, the woman he has fallen in love with and himself Can he protect everyone as he has vowed to protect without losing himself Grace Porter lives a double life By day she is the quiet spinster taking care of her elder brother s home, just living an ordinary existence By night she is a writer, feverishly writing stories about pirates in a mythical underworld Her one dream is to leave her brother s cold house, live on her own and write to her hearts content leaving the harsh words of her brother behind and living in her mythical writing world However, plans are going to change fo...

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    A wonderfulEnd to a series of books that brings men who suffered much A long bit of happiness and love and to finally get rid of the Jackal Even the most quite of them finally finds love.

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    In reality, I would call this of a 4.5 but I rounded up because the only thing that would make this book better is if I d had the sense and patience to start with book one So, that s on me Damn I loved this book Books like this are the reason I love historical romance Pure escapism I have a weird self imposed book schedule, I read ARC s and review copies during the day, but at night, I reserve for the purely fun stuff, which ends up being mostly romance They require little to no effort and I enjoy the brain vacation I know rate them on a different scale than I do other books I m less critical It can often be about how much I enjoyed reading them than actual quality But this book So much of both I thought it was so well written and so much fun.This is actually the last book in the series, but when I saw it was free and that it was so well rated, I grabbed it up I noticed in reviews that people said that it is best enjoyed in order but the author explains everything well enough that it can be enjoyed as a standalone I completely agree on both counts Ever the rebel, I dived in feet first There were obviously a couple of things that were referred to that I didn t understand but the book was so sweet that I seriously couldn t have cared less.I love love loved that this book was not a story about a reformed rake It isn t even a story about a man who was a hit with the ladies until insert horrible experience here happe...

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    Michael is the guardian for The Jaded, especially from the Jackal, their enemy from India, but he won t guard himself When he meets Grace, he instinctively wants to save her too He s used to sacrificing himself, thinking he s unworthy of love Grace sees him differently Her brother, Sterling, is the Jackal himself She s unaware of her brother s evil ways, but knows her own experience of his cruelty Michael enjoys her adventurous side, and they share little secrets between them As they begin to care for each other, Grace convinces Michael he s not the mon...

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    A wonderful series of tortured souls meetingI do enjoy series where jaded souls meet Each book focuses on a member of a group of men bound together by their experience in India just before and during the rebellion that s foretelling was ignored or disbelieved by the English military and East India company The series is centered on an individual or group that is attempting to obtain a believed to be sacred treasure...

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    Another awesome read Michael has finally found the Jackal but there s a hitch, he has a sister Grace who is innocent in all this and he will use her to his full advantage to get his precious treasure Michael accidentally finds this treasure it seems he had it all along As they say a diamond in the ruff As the Jaded gang up on Michael when they find out he is marrying there enemies sister, they call him a traitor and sever ties Michael is just trying to protect the woman he love...

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