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Haunted Lafayette, Louisiana Reading Haunted Lafayette, Louisiana Author Cher Dastugue Coen Oknalubliniec.eu Ghost Stories Abound In The Cajun And Creole City Of Lafayette, Louisiana The Hub City Boasts A Multitude Of Spirits And Specters, From Those Lost In Civil War Skirmishes And Fever Outbreaks To Those Souls That Simply Can T Say Goodbye Today, They Wander The Halls Of Bed And Breakfasts And Restaurants And Linger Along Back Roads And Cemeteries Pirates Are Rud To Guard Buried Treasure, And Ancient French Legends Hide In The Swamps, Bayous And Woods Join Longtime Journalist And Ghost Seeker Chere Dastugue Coen As She Visits Lafayette S Haunted Sites And Travels The Countryside In Search Of Ghostly Legends Found Only In South Louisiana.

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    I found this book on an end cap at Barnes and Nobles here in Lafayette Louisiana First thing I noticed was Autographed Copy I didnt even notice the book I was just surprised that there were autographed copy books sitting on the shelves at Barnes and Nobles here in Lafayette Then when i went to look at the title I knew I had to have it I really loved reading this book and its awesome to know about places in , not just Lafayette, but the Acadiana area that are haunted Only place I had ever heard about was T Frere s Bed and Breakfast Ive always wanted to stay there and check it out My dad would always tell me that haunted places were a hoax just like how Houdini ousted all those mediums for being hoaxes But I want to believe Ive never witnessed a haunting myself but in a dream once, not long after my grandmother died, I had this dream I was at Albertsons on Johnston and I was parked by this tree near where CiCis pizza used to be As Im putting away my groceries I see this woman standing near the tree She was like a shadow figure though She asked me if I believe in God I said well I believe there is a force bigger than us like energy and I believe that pure energy is God and that the ether between the spaces is where all knowledge...

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    A great read I can t wait to visit Lafayette now

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    I just enjoy books like this Often they lead to inspirations for other stories While some of the tales are old urban legends like the Hookman or traditional boogey man scares such as the Tai Tai, I greatly appreciated the research Coen did delving into ancestry and old newspaper accounts to hazard a guess as to who might be haunting an old hotel or a family home Actually, few of the tales take place in Lafayette, though the one that gave me the biggest creeps was of a haunted ...

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    The History and Stories make it a Great Read I loved the history aspect of this book as much as the ghost stories, which I must admit caused a goose bump or two to form while reading it in my bunk on a construction barge offshore I ll never drive by the Hilton on Pinhook Rd.again without hearing a civil war battle and I had to laugh out loud when, at one point, I read the story containing...

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    I enjoyed my friend, Cher Coen s book about spirits, paranormal activities, and history of the Acadiana region Cher has some chilling episodes that will keep you up late at night reading under the bed covers.

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    Great guide for visitors to Acadiana

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    I will start off by stating that I am not a believer in ghost Reading this book did not change my disbelief What I got from the book was exactly what I expected which included interesting descriptions and discussions of some historical sites, old hom...

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    Maybe not the best of books, which is fine You aren t grabbing a Haunted America books for great writing A good chunk of the ghost stories were just meh It did have some very interesting history about the state that I currently live in, though, that I enjoyed.

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    Being a local to the area, I had to find out about the hot spots Filled with fascniating historical facts and tidbits like Rose Wilder Little House and the Prairie live with her aunt Eliza Jane in Crowley, well that s the kind of t...

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    As a recent transplant I love finding out about my new locales This book is wonderful in that already I m learning so much about the history as well as finding fun new places to explore on my way to examine these sites listed.

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