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Are you afraid of children? PDF Epub Are You Afraid Of Children Paul Murphy Thomashillier.co.uk Are Your Children Afraid Of Monsters 20 Pages Well, Sometimes Monsters Are Just As Afraid Of Children.Children Will See That Little Monster Goes To Bed And Worries About Kids Little Monster Has A Mum Who Tells Him There S No Such Thing As Children.Read Why Little Monster Does Not Like Children They Like Picnics, And Fruit, And Ice Creamhorrible Read What Little Monster Likes To Eat Spider Lollipops And Worm Sandwich Children Will Read All About The Differences Between Them And Little Monster And Maybe, Just Maybe, They Will Be Less Afraid Of Monsters The Next Time They Sleep.

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    Attention closet monsters and things under the bedYou KNOW your mother tells you There is no such thing as children So, why are you afraid of them True, they are small and ugly and have horrible clean white teeth I hear they even like to eat WEIRD food like ice cream YUCK But that s no reason to be afraidis it This is an ADORABLE book The illustrations and text are FANTASTIC, and feature a nifty, retro look remini...

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    Are You Afraid of Children by Paul Murphy is ideal for children plagued by imaginary monsters under the bed and in the closet In this tale, Murphy takes the normal situation and turns it around, in a world where the monsters can t sleep because they re afraid of CHILDREN under their beds or in their closets In Are You Afraid of Children the monster is explaining WHY it is afraid of children They have only 2 eyes, rather than 3, like the monster They have ugly, straight white teeth, instead of broken green ones, like the monster has Children also like to eat gross things like cookies, strawberries and ice cream any decent monster prefers bugs, worms, spiders, and toes.The mother and father monsters go through the usual routine of trying to convince their little darling that there is no such thing as children But in the end, it is a little girl who tells the children to listen to their parents, and just remember monsters are afraid of them...

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