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Lancelots Grail Lancelots Grail Pdf Author Richard Gartee Buyprobolan50.co.uk New Age Teachings On Self Awareness And Enlightenment Are Explored In An Arthurian Age Story Of Two Siblings Journey To Enlightenment After They Discover Sir Lancelot Living As A Hermit And Uncover His Knowledge Of The Holy Grail.Alura And Frith, Abandoned At An Abbey As Children, Have Grown Up In Social Isolation And Are Desperate For A New Life.Sir Bedivere, Desolate Over The Knights Abandonment Of The Round Table After The Fall Of Camelot, Has Come Up With A Plan.Sir Lancelot, Abandoned By His Once Adoring Public, Has Found Enlightenment While Living As A Hermit.Their Lives Converge When Frith Leads Sir Bedivere To Lancelot S Hermitage There, They Learn That Lancelot Has Found The Holy Grail Within Himself Bedivere Tries, Without Success, To Persuade Lancelot To Come Help Him Rebuild The Knights Of The Round Table After Bedivere Departs, Frith Begs Lancelot To Teach Him, Hoping To Become A Knight Soon Alura Joins Them, Hoping To Snare Herself A Husband.Lancelot, Torn Between A Desire To Be Left Alone And An Obligation To Pass His Knowledge On, Agrees To Teach Them, But Soon Realizes That Everyone Simply Wants To Use Him Yet, Seeing The Spark Of Awareness Growing In Alura And Frith, He Persists And Leads Them On A Quest To Penetrate The Barriers In Themselves That Keep Them From Attaining The Grail.Then Alura Falls In Love With Lancelot And Incites An Angry Mob Bedivere Urges Lancelot To Flee, But Lancelot Stays, Struggling To Finish His Work With Alura And Frith In The Little Time He Has Left.Under Lancelot S Tutelage Alura And Frith Come Of Age, But The Ideas Presented In Lancelot S Grail Invite The Reader To Reconsider What Coming Of Age Really Means.

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    I was wary of this book, because of the subtitle New age teachings on self awareness and enlightenment in an Arthurian story The Arthurian story part was what made me curious enough to sign up for the give away I ended up winning I hoped to expand on the many versions of the King Arthur sagaI have read as my own spiritual quest I was surprised that the action takes place AFTER the fall of Camelot, and not during The Knights of the Round Table are dead or dispersed Lancelot has become a hermit in a hut within walking distance of an abbey He becomes the spiritual mentor of two teenagers, brother and sister, Alura and Frith.My first question was why has the author chosen Lancelot a the wise teacher To make it easier to digest for someone new to Christian spirituality To show that any human being, who has made major mistakes can become wise enough to teach others The effect this choice, and the age of his pupils had on me, was that the book read as a young adult novel, although Lancelot s lessons, though not new, are far difficult than they seem on the surface.The book consists of short chapters with mini paragraphs and a lot of dialogue Again a sign...

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    Disclaimer I received this book from a first read giveaway.In all honesty, I entered this giveaway because I love Arthurian legends and generally enjoy stories set in that world The spirituality felt a little forced on the reade...

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    Not exactly what I was expecting There where some typographical errors The characters were very shallow.I did like the lessons learned that you need to be aware and live in the now and not dwell on the past or what will happen in the future Control you thoughts, so they don t control you.

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    Except for a few editing mistakes certain words being cut short this book was a fantastic read.

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