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Embroidered Textiles: A World Guide to Traditional Patterns Reading Embroidered Textiles A World Guide To Traditional Patterns Author Sheila Paine Embroidery Has Been Practised For Thousands Of Years Throughout The World In The West, Traditions Have Been Subject To Trade And Fashion, But Across The Continents Of The Less Developed World, Embroidery Continues To Be Rooted In Ancient Beliefs And Superstitions This Book Examines In Detail The Symbolism Of The Motifs And Designs Of These Textiles.

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Embroidered Textiles: A World Guide to Traditional Patterns
  • Sheila Paine
  • English
  • 14 October 2018
  • 9780500278239

About the Author: Sheila Paine

Sheila Paine is a world expert on tribal societies and textiles Her passion for travel began when she was very young and has taken her across the world, from Africa to Pakistan She is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and has worked as a professional translator interpreter in French, German, Italian, and Spanish Her museum quality collection includes embroidery and amulets and has been

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    One interesting fact that I learned from this book embroidery is closely related to tatoos than to other textiles I wonder if the artist who created the wonderful stuffed embroidered tatoo arms at the Pricked embroidery show at the Museum of Art and Design knew that The information in this book is not purely fiber related Sheila Paine has written extensively about textiles, especially embroidery, but she has also written some textile related travel books The one I read, The Afghan Amulet , is not only the story of her search for the source of one particular embroidered piece, but, like all good travel narrative, it includes comtemporary politics, history and anthroplogy as well She has a far ranging interest in the textile arts that includes context and intent Unlike contemporary Western embroidery, traditional embellishment served in ways that moved beyond expression or decoration Rich with symbolic content, the stitching enhanced positive life forces and protected the wearer from evil spirits and magic Iconic forms such as the fertility goddess, the tree of life, the horned animal of the hunt elements necessary to life such as water and the sun universal spiritual symbols like birds, fish, flowers, sp...

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    This is an visually stunning book with lovely photographs of extant examples of embroidery However, the conclusions of the research are shoddy and ill documented Hence it dropping two stars An example found on page 188 of the hardcover edition Human conception was not understood and when in the eighteenth century it was first established that it was the result of sexual intercourse the claim was greeted with derision Women s ability to produce children was therefore regarded as miraculous and their fertility was protected by decorations There are no immediately available notes as to where this information was found, who said it, where it was derided, whether or not it is talking about a certain culture, etc There are ample ancient Biblical examples which even if people do not acknowledge the Bible as a sacred work, most scholars acknowledge it as an essential piece of Western Literature of individuals knowing exactly how babies are made Genesis 38 25 By the man, whose these are, am I with child says Tamar to Judah How many lines of kings are established through the legitimate children of the king s wife titled as a queen or not rather than any bastards that are by products of immorality In Greek Mythology, if Zeus, the ruler of gods and men, can lie with any number of human women and get off spring from such a union, doesn t that tell you that the ancients understood human fertility a little better than the author of this book is giving them credit fo...

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    I learned Western Embroidery is done mostly for trade and fashion but in other regions embroidery continues to be rooted in ancient beliefs and superstitions This book displays many beautiful pieces of embroidery from all over the world and was very informative.

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    This is a very comprehensive guide to the traditional embroidery textile patterns from around the world It gives fascinating insight into the symbolism used and the significance of traditional clothing with beautiful examples.This is one of the text...

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    Great Book

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