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Fall for You (Gullys Fall, #2) Finding A Curvy Cutie Hanging Out Of A Kitchen Window At Three In The Morning Wasn T What Kirk Expected On A Routine Check Amusing Yes, Expected No, Exasperating Definitely.Having Sworn Off All Dominant Men After A Very Painful Experience, Molly Was Determined To Keep The Local Cop At Arm S Length He Was Quietly, Intensely Alpha, And That Made Him Off Limits.Good Intentions Aside

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    Did he really think foraging in her panties gave him the right to tell her what to do We re back in Gully s Fall and back with the boys in uniform Scott, Kirk, Simon and Ryder At work they are serving the citizens of Gully s Fall as Firemen, a Police officer and an EMT Off duty they love to ride their motorcycles and have BBQ s with their close knit group.Fall for You is Kirk s story As a local policeman on duty, Kirk has to go investigate what appears to be a prowler, only the prowler ends up to be Scott s cousin, Molly, trying to get into her aunt s boarding house through a window because she s lost her keys Kirk s presented with Molly s sass and her curvy ass hanging out a window and he s smitten.But Molly, for all her attraction to him, is unwilling to give herself over to someone like Kirk who is accustomed to giving orders and expecting them followed She s just trying to heal from a traumatic relationship with someone who used the guise of Dominance and Submission lifestyle to be an abuser.Along the path to love, we get see bits of the strange relationship between Dee and Ryder We get about the Dawson boys and are left wondering, Good or Bad And I have to say that A.V is never a slouch when it comes to the sexy times, but there was something extra sensual in her descriptions And the hint of a threat to the heroine, has been something she s added the last few books I really enjoy that the pairing of funny with the hinting at a little bit of suspense Of course we get the fur babies and FEATHERED babies These books are always winners for me and I can t wait for the next one

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    Sooo We are introduced to Scott s cousin Molly in the second book When we first meet her she s funny, witty and sarcastic but in that really cool way I loved her right away and then in the middle of the book her personality changes and I was over her She went from funny to very annoying and from witty to whinny I was ready to just skip pages and get to the end because her broken record bullshit was seriously grating my nerves Luckily, Ash from book 1 steps in and calls her out on her crap and bam Funny, confident Molly is back to being awesome Unfortunately, the damage was done and yes, though it was a cute book my aggravation for her didn t slide until the end of it If you are looking for a short, sweet book with no real drama This one will do, however, there are other great ones If you are curious about this series then yes, I recommend you read this book I will read book 3 because I do like Dee and love Ryder I hope it doesn t disappoint.

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    Began quite good then it dragged and then it annoyed me Who likes a heroine who is funny and witty in the beginning and later acts so stupid and clueless This book was a chore to finish I like the author but this book is quite boring.

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    sexy hero 2 is off the market Another hit Kirk outshines Molly here a little bit, IMO but it could just be that I favor the hero often than not The circumstances here felt very similar to the first book because we are once again given a woman who went through a horrible event So we have the protective alpha hero and the strong survivor heroine For some reason that I can t quiet explain, Molly s story though felt a bit fake and therefore it was a little harder for me to sympathize with her I also didn t like how the Dom Sub lifestyle was thrown in there and Molly s man hater attitude.What I love about this book and the series really is the 4 guys I can do with less girl gossip sessions.

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    This is my least favorite book by Angela Verdenius so far I was quite disappointed reading it I got bored by the story by the 50% mark and I skipped so many pages to finish it that I feel I can t give than 2 stars for it Also, the heroine, Molly really grated on my nerves I really couldn t connect to her character The hero, Kirk, was ok but nothing to stand out and stay with me fore than a day or two I hope I ll like the next one I read better.

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    I loved it Period I never paid attention to Kirk before In Scott s story, the one who got my attention at that time was, of course, Scott And Ryder That s why I m a bit surprised when Angela Verdenius continue this series with Kirk s story But holy mama, he s so hawt Kirk s the man you want for the rest of your life He s controlling but at the same time very easy to work with he ll respect your space, respect your feeling and respect you I just adore him right away Molly s a strong heroine, but she s also vulnerable and wary of men Kirk manage to get through her barrier and I love him for that I was hoping for drama though A bit push and pull or dramatic scenes But still, I enjoyed this book just the way it is Angela Verdenius is one of my favorite author She s underrated, I tell you Her works are simply perfection and I will make sure people know her books Can t wait to read Ryder and Dee s story OMG

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    It wasn t everyday that Kirk gets a call about a burglar and finds a curvaceous bottom sticking out a window Molly came to her aunt s place to get a grip on her life as run away from her old one, nothing about starting her respite in a mortifying matter Kirk is intrigued by Molly but she has a wall up that needs to come down if he wants to act on his feelings Molly doesn t trust alpha men and Kirk is definitely one of those As they become friends of sorts Molly finds that Kirk is giving her a wide berth but at the same time earning her trust Can she find happiness and possibly trust him Enjoyable story Had a lot of humor and the friends of both are pure entertainment I liked Kirk a lot, he is controlled and hard to read but you never waver about his feelings for Molly even when she is exasperating Looking forward to Ryders story looks like fun.

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    Finally book 2 Fall for You The guys and gals of Gully Falls are back I really like the friendship that they all have It is very believable and pulls you right in, to the point that you want to be there.This is Kirk and Molly s story I throughly enjoyed it There was some highs and lows, some serious and funny moments We also have some drama and intense situations that must be over come I liked the way Molly and Kirks romance developed Molly did get on my nerves a little with her issues but Ash saved the day and knocked some sense into her The one thing that caught my attention was the Dawson brothers are they good or bad I hope they are just misunderstood and that they will get a chance because it looks like they sure could use some friends and their own story.

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    You ever come here again and I will rip your head off and use it for a football Your nut sack will hang from my car radio antennae like a trophy Angela Verdenius does not disappoint Her books are always a delight I happily agree with the other 5 star reviewers It is quite amazing how she is able to blend serious topics with her trademark humour see above Her descriptions of Gully s Fall makes one wish to live there Actually I have started to listen to Midnight Oil during reading Fall For You How cool is that Now I m desperate for Ryder s story and extremely curious about what Angela has planned for Simon Keep em coming please

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    I know what I m getting when I read a AV book BBW heroine, hot hero who loves all her curves, a little drama, mostly character driven This is no different The h drove me nuts because she was prone to the how dare he tell me what to do he couldn t possibly be attracted to me syndrome She would push him away, then wish he would want her, when it was clear as day that he cared But I like the group of friends and I m eager to finally get Ryder s story The Bottom LineI would recommend for those who like AV, or you like BBW heroines.

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