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A Path to Personal Freedom This Book Is About Our Universe, Our Most Recent Science, Our Spiritual Search, Our Experience, And How All Of These Support The Once Crazy Idea That We Are Here To Live Lives Guided By The Uninhibited Expression Of Personal Freedom I Define Freedom As Letting Go Of Those Things In Our Lives That Block Us From Experiencing Our Birthright, Which Is Living Fully Within The Flow Of This Infinite Creation A Flow That Is Shaped By A Deep Type Of Connectedness That We Sometimes Call LoveWhen I Published My First Book On This Topic, The Architecture Of Freedom, Some Readers Requested A Shorter Version This Book Is A Response To That RequestWhile The Ideas In This Book Are Not Critical For Living, They Certainly Can Help Make Our Lives Much Enjoyable Our Primary Purpose Is To Explore, Express And Share Our Individual And Unique Gifts So That All Of Us, Together, Can Know And Fully Experience Life S Amazing Possibilities When We Resist This Calling Our Lives Appear Difficult, Dangerous, And Limited But, When We Embrace Our True Purpose, Everything Changes And Our Lives Begin To Flow Perfectly Even If We Change Nothing, Collectively, We Will Still Be Fulfilling This Role Perfectly However, There Are An Infinite Number Of Ways To Experience Life And, As This Book Illuminates, We Each Have The Absolute Power To Choose Our Own Personal Experience In Fact, Each Of Us Is The Only Person That Can Determine Our Experience Because No One Else Is Even Involved Living Our Lives With This Different Awareness, One In Which We Fully Understand That Each Of Us Is An Important And Integrated Part Of Something Much Greater Than Our Old And Obsolete Vision Of Separate Competing Individuals, Will Powerfully Influence How Our Lives Appear And Feel We Literally Have The Ability To Change The Appearance Of Our Entire World By Learning How To Change Our Deepest Hidden BeliefsHuman Culture Has Evolved Three Distinct Pathways For Collecting, Assembling, And Saving Knowledge First, We Gain Knowledge From Our Direct, Everyday Personal Experience Next, We Have Our Cultural And Spiritual Traditions That Have Been Passed Down Through The Generations Lastly, For Over , Years We Have Built A Great Body Of Knowledge Through Formal Scientific Study, Research And ExperimentWhile All Of These Three Directions Can Help Us To Better Understand Our Lives And Creation, Each Direction, In Isolation, Also Has Aspects Or Parts That Can Seem Incomplete Or Even Wrong Historically, These Three Important Information Sources Have Often Appeared Very Different And Separate, At Times Even In Conflict Or Contradiction With Each Other It Is Only Recently That We Have Started To Recognize That There Is A Substantial Convergence Or Overlap A Common Region Where Experience, Spirituality And Science Actually Share The Same Expansive Vision Since Spirituality, Experience, And Scientific Study All Represent Our Attempts To Understand Truth At A Deeper Level, The Region Where They Intersect And Overlap Should Provide Fertile Hunting Ground To This End I Discuss Personal Experience, My Own And Others Our Spiritual Traditions, And Our Paradigm Changing Science Of The Last One Hundred Years I Show How All Three Of These Traditions Point Towards The Same Ideas Actually A Single, Unified Idea That Is Disguised As Many To Work With Our Mode Of Thinking While Some Of These Ideas Are Technically Un Provable Because Of Their Very Nature, I Will Show Them To Be Fully Supported And Reinforced By Each And All Of These Three Very Different Traditions

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