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Dulce Domum: George Moberly Excerpt From Dulce Domum George Moberly D C L Headmaster Of Winchester College, Bishop Of Salisbury, His Family And Friends It Would Be Absurd To Suppose That Our Love For The Happy Days Of Old Exceeded That Felt By Other Large And Cheerful Families But There Is One Reason Why Our Retrospect Is Interesting, And That Is In Its Connection With The History Of The Church In England After A Critical Moment In Our Early Days The English Church Had Only Lately Been Reawakened To Realise Fully Its Claim To Be Both Catholic And Apostolic For Some Generations, Whilst Jealously Guarding Her Apostolicity Of Doctrine, She Had Allowed The Church Of Rome To Monopolise The Idea And The Name Of Catholic It Had Been The Fashion To Consider Catholics As Meaning Members Of The Roman Branch Alone The Oxford Movement Helped To Rectify This Through Good Report And Bad Report, Through Great Sorrows And Great Faithfulness The Day Was Won, And Now English Churchmen Know That The Branches Of The One Church Can, And Do, Live Side By Side, Each Having Much To Correct, But Each Having A Right To Be Considered True, In So Far As The Doctrines Taught Recognise The Church As Being Both Catholic And Apostolic It Is Not Yet Known To What Extent The Future Unity Of The Church May Depend On The Faithfulness And Purity Of The Church Of England

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