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Heroic Legends of Denmark This Scarce Antiquarian Book Is Included In Our Special Legacy Reprint Series In The Interest Of Creating A Extensive Selection Of Rare Historical Book Reprints, We Have Chosen To Reproduce This Title Even Though It May Possibly Have Occasional Imperfections Such As Missing And Blurred Pages, Missing Text, Poor Pictures, Markings, Dark Backgrounds And Other Reproduction Issues Beyond Our Control Because This Work Is Culturally Important, We Have Made It Available As A Part Of Our Commitment To Protecting, Preserving And Promoting The World S Literature

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    Important and excellent book of the old philological style, though certainly dated mostly concerned with Beowulf, Hr lfs Saga Kraka and the Bjarkam l, and gives a fascinating but, as a word of warning, necessarily rather speculative reconstruction of the whole tragic epic story of the fall of the Scylding Skj ldung royal house plausible, but not uncontestable.

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