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Brandvägg Stopping To Get Money From A Cash Machine One Evening, A Man Inexplicably Falls To The Ground Dead A Taxi Driver Is Brutally Murdered By Two Teenaged Girls Quickly Apprehended They Appal Local Policemen With Their Total Lack Of Remorse One Girl Escapes Police Custody And Disappears Without Trace Soon Afterwards A Blackout Covers Half The Country When An Engineer Arrives At The Malfunctioning Power Station, He Makes A Grisly Discovery Inspector Kurt Wallander Is Sure That These Events Must Be Linked Somehow Hampered By The Discovery Of Betrayals In His Own Team, Lonely And Frustrated, Wallander Begins To Lose Conviction In His Role As A Detective The Search For Answers Leads Wallander Dangerously Close To A Shadowy Group Of Anarchic Terrorists, Hidden Within The Anonymity Of Cyberspace Somehow These Criminals Seem Always To Know The Police S Next Move Wallander Finds Himself Fighting To Outsmart Them In Their Gripping Police Procedural About Our Increasing Vulnerability In The Modern Digitalised World

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    In this 8th book in the Kurt Wallander series, the Swedish detective is dealing with personal problems while investigating two suspicious deaths The book can be read as a standalone Inspector Kurt Wallender and his detectives are looking into two incidents the brutal murder of a cab driver by two teenage girls, Sonya Hokberg and Eva Persson and the death, seemingly from a heart attack, of computer expert Tynnes Falk near an ATM machine Events escalate when Sonya escapes police custody and is found dead in the works of a power station during a power blackout Coincidentally, the blueprints of the power station are found on Falk s desk Clearly, these cases are connected somehow Further police investigations reveal seriously encrypted files on Falk s computer that require the illicit skills of a young hacker As it turns out the police and the hacker have to race against time to try to avert a worldwide catastrophe There s a lot going on in this story, including spies watching the cops, deaths, a bullet aimed at Wallender, and an underhanded detective During all this Wallender is dealing with personal issues he s charged with police brutality toward the teen suspect Eva Persson and he s lonesome and longing for female companionship Unfortunately this clouds Wallender s judgement and he makes some serious mistakes I thought the terrorist conspiracy at the center of the story was a little far fetched but I enjoyed the book and would recommend it.You can follow my reviews at

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    This book made me feel sick to my stomach Not because it was too gory or because what was written disagreed with me in a philosophical way, but because I have grown to care about Kurt Wallander over the eight books I ve read maybe even seeing a bit of myself in him and it s in this book that he is most under siege, and that feeling of being under attack was the feeling that made me feel ill His protege, Martinsson, the man he trained in the way his mentor Ryberg trained him, the man he kept in the police force when he was about to quit, the man he most trusted, has been quietly out to get him, undermining him with the police chief, the prosecutor s office, and his other colleagues His love life is a shambles, and when he finally sees a glimmer of hope it turns out to be an illusion designed to use him His personal relationships are all amok His daugther is distant his father is dead his step mother is playing at guilt he can t see the one person closest to him for her closeness, so he keeps pushing her away or, at least, maintaining his distance he s even losing people he counted on without knowing it and finding it impossible to connect with the new people that are coming in to take their place.And each of these bits and piece of Wallander s character made me physically ill I ve been where he s at I may even be where he s at to some extent , and when all of those personal issues were coupled with real physical danger as a result of the case he was solving, I found myself reacting as if I could be a voice in his head, screaming advice, willing him to make positive decisions, begging him to stand up for himself It was an uncomfortable mirror for me, really, and it did its job of building and maintaining tension better than any other Wallander book I ve read It s entirely possible that this tension only works if someone connects with Wallander as I did, but it is there to be found if you are lucky enough or unlucky enough to make that connection.

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    Mankell s laziest, most hackish work yet, a pastiche of several other books in the series At this point, I guess he could write them in his sleep And probably did Take elements of techno terrorism or sabotage, Africa, disgruntled teens committing seemingly random crimes, mix, rearrange He didn t even bother to tie up several loose ends in this one.

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    With each Kurt Wallander mystery I read, I m and impressed with Mankell s ability to create a Swedish police procedural that pulls you in no matter how dense the procedural aspects of the case are Like the first book I read Faceless Killers , this is no thriller with aspirations for movie dom you know the ones though there are suspenseful moments Instead, this is a layered, complex telling of two seemingly unrelated cases and how Wallander and his team slowly tease out the connections and begin to unravel something much bigger and sinister Along the way, Wallander struggles with issues both work related and existential.A computer expert drops dead of a heart attack after withdrawing money from an ATM Two teenage girls are picked up by a taxi and then brutally murder the driver How are these two incidents connected Read the book and find out.

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    Sometimes not enjoying a book helps clarify what you really want to find in your reading FIREWALL is not my favorite of Mankell s work The plot holes were big enough to drive a snowplow through, and his investigative choices made me wonder if Mankell was setting up giving Wallander a stroke or dementia soon But it was the utter lack of setting details that made me sad very little description of interior or exterior details, no sense of location with the exception of the engine room on the ferry This is SWEDEN for crying out loud and you barely notice it.I liked the book enough to finish it, which must mean the character wormed his way into my heart And I appreciate that this book drove home how much I hunger for setting details But all in all, this was a disappointment.

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    Satisfying police procedural featuring detective Kurt Wallander in rural Sweden This is the 8th in a series of 11 and my first experience with the author A case of two teen aged girls who brutally murder a cab driver and confess with no remorse that it was simply for money leads Wallender to look closer Another case of a computer consultant dying of apparent natural causes at a cash machine provides an early hint that he was planning something socially disruptive From this slow start, Wallender and his team slowly piece together clues that link the cases together and tensions build as deaths point to some sort of dangerous conspiracy Wallender s personality and working style are very engaging He is empathetic but cantankerous, lonely, and driven to pursue all angles to solve a case In this particular story, progress sometimes moves at a glacial pace while the reader is frustrated with special but incomplete knowledge about the bad guys behind the scenes As implied by the title, the plot concerns computer networks, yet Wallender himself is a technophobe and details of the high tech issues are part of the story, as they do in other current thrillers Ultimately, the motivation of the bad guys is not portrayed very plausibly.

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    Firewall Any of a number of security schemes that prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to a computer network or that monitor transfers of information What an appropriate title for this book, in ways than one First of all, the main area of investigation centers on trying to break through the firewall protection systems on the computer of a dead man The police have reason to believe that a program in the computer may be set to cause some kind of destruction The word firewall applies equally well to the life of the lead character, Inspector Kurt Wallander Always a man who kept his own counsel, he has moved even further in this book to construct barriers between himself and the people around him It s 1997 in Ystad, Sweden, and two teenage girls brutally murder a taxi driver, seemingly without reason A man is found dead at an ATM machine Later, his body is stolen and placed back at the very same spot where he died There s a massive blackout in the city, which has been caused by a body disrupting the connections in a power substation Although these initially seem to be random events, Wallander becomes convinced that they are somehow connected Discovering what the link is between them is a frustrating activity that consumes much investigative time, with a sense that a clock is ticking down to doom.The procedural aspects of this book were exceptionally well done The facts are laid out, and there s an overwhelming feeling that they don t make any sense, that they don t connect together in a way that will explain what the threat is and why it is being made As time goes on, other information flows in to the team They meet, analyze and continue on, or less not understanding enough to even know what they should be doing Mankell continues to feed in new morsels of data along the way, and the same analysis scenario is repeated over and over again That approach led to a feeling that much of the book was redundant, when what was really happening was that the reader was participating just as if they were a part of the investigative team, trying to make sense with limited information available It was almost like trying to assemble a model without the instructions the pieces are all there but it s impossible to put them together without input.In its own way, the personal situations that Wallander endured in the book were as interesting as the main narrative was In this book, he is a man facing the fact that his life is essentially meaningless The work that he found so engrossing in the past is a source of pain He cannot understand a world where teenage girls commit murder and show no remorse than if they stepped on an ant He cannot live in a system where a trusted colleague betrays him for his own benefit His boss does not support him and seems willing to believe the worst of him His malaise comes and to the surface He slaps a girl during an investigation for a legitimate reason he hauls off and hits his co worker He is subject to bursts of anger In his personal life, there is no one that cares for him or that he cares about, other than his daughter who has a life of her own to live.I was caught up by the events in the first three quarters of the book and found myself swept along by a complex plot and interesting characters The final segment of the book was a letdown for me, and didn t seem as well written and planned as the earlier portion of the book As well depicted as the investigation was, the book really lost its impact for me during the final chapters In my opinion, Mankell made a huge error in judgment by providing the reader with too much information about an essential character who gained Wallander s trust This served to eliminate the element of suspense about much of the action and indeed made Wallander look stupid In spite of that, I recommend the book This is a must read book for fans of Kurt Wallander, as he is undergoing many changes, and not necessarily for the better The last few pages open the door for a very interesting future for this series.

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    I first got exposed to Wallander and Mankell through the PBS mystery series and got immediately hooked because I used to gobble up books by Sjoewall and Wahloo Let me say upfront, if you like realistic, modern crime drama that does not paint routine policy work as a series of great inspirations and glorified thoughts, these books are definitely for you.The story is not idealized, it shows the police as human beings, flawed to the core, struggling with everyday problems of their own and drudging through routine police work that involves crimes utterly sordid, exposing some of the darkest sides of human nature.This book is no different If the cold and dark Skandinavian landscape is not dreary and depressing enough, here we have multiple crimes and murders committed, seemingly without a link But leave if to Kurt Wallander to sort things out, while struggling with his own personal problems and keeping a police force together that work long hours, smoke and drink way too much This is truly a crime story for the modern age Realistic to the core, where police work is sometimes just being successful through sheer hours of routine work, rather than a sparkling idea of an individual Wallander will push through the desperation he feels and eventually solve the crime But even solving the most puzzling crime will leave neither him nor the reader elated or satisfied, there is a lingering bitter aftertaste.

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    Firewall is a well thought out and well written crime novel Kurt Wallander is a bit of an anti hero but it s easy to feel compassion for him In this book he s investigating a murder committed by two teenage girls that soon become linked to the death of a man that apparently died of natural causes in front of an ATM machine.The story has its weak points though, e.g the reason for the perpetrators to go to such great lengths in providing clues for the police to link the two deaths in never adequately explained Wallander s health is always a concern in these stories and Mankell seems to constantly find new ailments for him to suffer from Almost everyone in this book seems to have some family , personality , adjustment or social problems This overwhelming Scandinavian Social Realism gets a bit tiresome after a while Has no one ever in a Scandinavian crime novel been a well rounded, reasonably happy person without deep rooted psychological problems The plot however is exiting and, apart from Mankell s obvious ignorance about how computers and dating sites work, realistic Perhaps it s even too realistic I lost count of how many meetings were held during the investigation and what was talked about in them At times I felt like I was reading minutes and not a novel.In my view Mankell has written much better books so while this book was not bad it wasn t very good either.

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    3.5 5 Kiego Higashino s crime novels focused on How instead of Who Often you know the perpetrator and the mystery is to figure out how a crime actually happened Think Mankell s novels are on the same theme Unlike Christie s novels, where a glance at the last page was tempting, Mankell s novels are all about the procedure the journey and not the destination And at 500 pages, the journey can be long and sometimes frustrating but well worth it.This was a typical Mankell novel with all the elements a baffling mystery, the diligent investigation and to add a lot of violence and office politics this time Unlike the other reviewers who felt sorry for Wallander as he is not tech savvy, I felt he led the investigation quite competently Maybe he proved the opposite point that good old diligence and intelligence matter .With this I am done with the first 8 novels of the Wallander series The remaining 3 books were written as an afterthought and I think I may return to them someday later just for the sake of notalgia For me, Mankell is the ultimate author of police procedurals lucid, deliberate and intellectually satisfying.

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