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Save Your Breath (Morgan Dane #6) Morgan Dane And PI Lance Kruger Investigate The Mysterious Disappearance Of A True Crime WriterWhen True Crime Writer Olivia Cruz Disappears With No Signs Of Foul Play, Her New Boyfriend, Lincoln Sharp, Suspects The Worst He Knows She Didn T Leave Willingly And Turns To Attorney Morgan Dane And PI Lance Kruger To Find Her Before It S Too LateAs They Dig Through Olivia S Life, They Are Shocked To Discover A Connection Between Her Current Book Research On Two Cold Murder Cases And The Suicide Of One Of Morgan S Prospective ClientsAs Morgan And Lance Investigate, The Number Of Suspects Grows, But Time Is Running Out To Find Olivia Alive When Danger Comes Knocking At Their Door, Morgan And Lance Realize That They May Be The Killer S Next Targets

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    Save your breathe is the 6th installment of Morgan Dane series While each of these books can be read as a stand alone, I recommend reading the series in order to have the full experience The mysteries are new with each book, but the personal lives of the characters continues from one book to the next Morgan is a young widower with three small girls She returned to Scarlett Falls after he husband died in the military She moved in with her retired police grandfather and they lend each other support Lance is a cop turned Private investigator When he was a child, his father disappeared Lincoln was the cop who attempted to solve that case and took Lance under his wing When he retired, Lance came to work with him as a PI Morgan is a lawyer who also works at their firm Over time, she and Lance fell in love and are engaged In the past, Lincoln has worked with an investigative reporter named Olivia Neither like to let anyone in, but they slowly broke down each other s walls Olivia has signed with an agent to do a true crime book based on a couple of cases she is researching She has concerns that the men in jail man be innocent of the crimes they were arrested for She wants to discuss the case with Lincoln But before she can, someone kidnaps her from her bed in the middle of the night With very little to go on, can Lincoln, Lance, and Morgan find Olivia before it s too late I really enjoy this series and try to read them as soon as they come out The characters are smart, resourceful, and human The writing seems to be well researched and is easy to follow And for those who like their stories clean, they don t have much then a couple bedroom innuendos and they aren t too gory Thanks Netgalley, Melinda Leigh, and Montlake for this book.

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    Melinda Leigh returns with one of the tightest, most cohesive crime busting, lawyer PI team in the Morgan Dane series I can t seem to get enough of Morgan Dane and Lance Kruger and Save Your Breath is yet another great instalment in this fantastic lineup I think I ve said this in every review of the series, but written from a romance review s perspective, I ll need to say it again the romance is slight and brought off screen, given the established pairings, with slight touches and kisses and reaffirming words forming the basis of affection here Lance and Morgan are grounded in each other and it s always a joy to read about their mature relationship and how they get on in each new book, so Save Your Breath furthers their relationship just a little and probably gives them the short but needed HEA all of their stalwart fans want As much as I was hoping for a sharper focus on Lincoln Sharp s and Olivia Wade s romance developing along side Morgan Lance s rock solid one, Save Your Breath wastes no time in moving past their attraction, straight onto the meat of the story of Olivia s disappearance and several seemingly unlinked cases There s no doubt that Leigh always crafts a good suspense this far into the series, the pacing, tone and characters are nuanced and pitch perfect, though a mite bit predictable plot wise, or even a bit of a let down when all s revealed and tied up.Still, it s a smooth read otherwise, engaging and compelling and if this is really Leigh s last in this series, I ll be saying a very, very wistful goodbye.

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    Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review A gripping romantic suspense story, Save your Breath , by Melinda Leigh, is also a very much expected opportunity to meet again Morgan Dane, and her fianc , PI Lance Kruger, his exciting boss, retired police detective Lincoln Sharp, and his girlfriend, journalist Olivia Cruz, and their extended families.As much as I enjoyed the thriller plotline, my pleasure reading this book comes mostly from reconnecting with these wonderful characters, turned vivid and compelling by Melinda Leigh s talent.Although the older couple Sharp Olivia is central to the plot, the very essence of the suspense demands they re separated for most of the story, so I m eagerly waiting for the next book to see this reluctant couple after having admitted their feelings Still, it was humble and heartbreaking to watch control freak Sharp give in to pain and fear when Olivia faces danger Sharp and Olivia, a courageous, intelligent journalist, are both wary of commitment, but tragedy has a way of showing them what s really important.Love and respect is what characterizes Morgan and Lance s relationship, as the author writes, and I would apply the same to the other characters and relationships, grateful and relieved that Melinda Leigh doesn t rely on unnecessary drama to write great romantic suspense stories.Great, exciting read, I was hooked until the end.

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    Advanced Reader Copy ARC provided by the Author and Publisher in exchange for an fair and honest review.

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    1 Say You re Sorry 2 Her Last Goodbye 3 Bones Don t Lie 4 What I ve Done 5 Secrets Never Die 4 stars I will love you, heart and soul, for the rest of my life. Save Your Breath is an intense and incredible conclusion to this series The fast pace and great writing keep you engrossed in the story and the mystery plot is so filled with suspense and tension that it s impossible to put the book down The characters and romance continue to be lovely, and everyone finally gets the happy ending they deserve.Melinda Leigh is back with another great mystery novel The charm and tension from the first few installments are back and stronger than ever The main case is also really intriguing and close to the characters, as the victim is someone known to them all, which only adds to the fear and desperation everyone feels A wonderful read This was so good I had a few issues with the previous book, but this one brings back everything I ve enjoyed about the series The mystery is well done and executed and I love how personal it is to Morgan, Lance, and Sharp You can really feel the urgency of needing to solve the case and how it affects all of the characters.The mystery arc resolution and twist are a tiny bit rushed, though, but really shocking The reveal comes totally out of the blue, but it works with the story Leigh builds throughout the previous chapters It s also very very tense for a little while, until it all works out for the main characters.The romance continues to be super sweet and well developed, although it s not really the main focus We do get the long awaited happy ending for Morgan and Lance, though, and the scene plays out beautifully It s the perfect ending for them, after everything they ve both been through, and it ties up the series in a lovely way.In the end, Save Your Breath is an amazing ending to an intriguing, compelling, and awesome series The final mystery is engrossing, the narrative flows smoothly and the multiple POVs are very distinct from each other, and the happy ending is a delight Definitely recommend this entire series to Romantic Suspense fans Series 6 in the Morgan Dane series.POV Told from Morgan, Lance, Sharp, and Olivia s POVs.Content Warnings view spoiler Domestic violence hide spoiler

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    Could a connection exist between Olivia research and Morgan s past client who committed suicide Well now this is the first time I ve started a review off this way but then again there s a first time for everything and time is running.We need to find Olivia alive and PI Lance and Morgan are racing against time for answers Those answers may just put both of them in dire straits.The consequences couldn t be higher as this fast paced action begins to unfold.Will Olivia be found in time and will she be found alive Read on and enjoy.

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    Thanks to author for providing this copy through NetgalleyNew author to me and I enjoyed a lot Romantic suspense, thriller, a lot of twists, till the end I really didn t have any idea who the bad people are Sometimes it was a bit too technical language some laws, expressions But liked it anyway a lot.No sex scenes

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    Save Your Breath is the 6th book in the Morgan Dane series This book can be read as a stand alone although the personal lives of the main characters, Morgan, Lance and Lincoln continue to evolve through each book The romance in this romantic suspense series is subtle and inference than description The books concentrate on the investigation and the people involved Leigh s characters are likeable and real and keep the reader rooting for their success In this instalment, Lincoln s girlfriend, Olivia, is former investigative reporter who has signed with an agent to write a true crime book based on some of the cases she is researching When Olivia goes missing, Lincoln, Lance and Morgan must find her before it s too late, all while Morgan and Lance are making their final wedding preparations These books appear to be well researched and it appears in references to laws and in the language and terms used This author is able to keep the reader engaged right through to the exciting conclusion A compelling read and unfortunately this seems to be the last in the series.Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    The final book in the series sad face has the team racing to find Lincoln s girlfriend Olivia Cruz after she is kidnapped Was Olivia taken because of the two cases she was investigating for her true crime book or some other nefarious reason As Morgan, Lance and Lincoln start uncovering clues they are shocked at how many different suspects end up on their list along with a few surprise ones from what they considered an unrelated case But even with a large cast of suspects they still aren t any closer to finding Olivia and they know time is running out for her All whilst this is happening Morgan is supposed to be finalizing her and Lance s wedding planning which of course gets put on the back burner By the end of the book, and the shocking reveal of who and why Olivia was taken, many threads from the series come full circle and are wrapped up in a very satisfying way Even though its bittersweet that this brings the end of this series I am looking forward to the new series with homicide detective Bree Taggert.

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    Save Your Breath by Melinda Leigh is an excellent addition to the Morgan Dane series The book is well written and well developed I enjoy the characters in this book and their interactions and relationships I love Morgan s three little girls and their relationship with Morgan s soon to be husband, Lance The story grips you from page one and has many twists and turns that keep you guessing until the big reveal at the end Save Your Breath is a gripping romantic suspense novel that will take you on a wild ride There are tears, laughter, and heart stopping action Author Melinda Leigh is able to draw readers in and keep them turning the pages until the exciting conclusion Do yourself a favor and start from the series beginning to get to know these characters and enjoy some great writing, good story plots, and fast paced action and romance.

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