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Third Party Is It Murder Is Someone Playing Mind Games Or Is It Both The Chilling Answers Are In This Twisting Novel Of Psychological Suspense By The Charts Bestselling Author Of TrespassingThe Apparent Suicide Of A Beautiful Aspiring Law Student Unites Two Strangers, Connected Only By Their Tangled Suspicions That Nothing About Margaux Stritch S Tragic End Is What It Looks LikeFirefighter Jessica Blythe Is Courageously Making Her Mark In The Male Dominated Chicago Fire Department While Navigating A Complicated Relationship With A Detective A First Responder To The Crime Scene, Jessica Has A Professional Duty To Margaux Then There S Kirsten Holloway, A Wife And Mother Pulling Herself Together After An Emotional Breakdown But Her Husband S Infidelity Has Left Her In A Place Full Of Mistrust And Fear Her Dreaded Curiosity About Margaux S Death Has Become Very PersonalTwo Women Are About To Converge On A Trail Of Blackmail, Secrets, Troubled Pasts, And Hidden Shadows, Where Violence And Desire Entwine, Unchecked And They Re Not The Only Ones Stepping Into The Dark Someone Else Is Following But Is It To Warn Jessica And Kirsten Or To Usher Them Into A Nightmare

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    Two s company and three s a crowd in this new thriller by Brandi Reeds.It begins with an apparent suicide of an aspiring young lady named Margaux and becomes wrapped up into two strangers connected through suspicions.Meanwhile we have other stories going on with Jessica the only female in a male dominated career with a duty owed to Margaux.We have a mother named Kirsten with an emotional breakdown and marriage on rocks after her husband is caught cheating making this case even personal.Of course we can t have a thriller without enticing fear so enter blackmail, troubled pasts, and violence on the rise.It was good for me but it wasn t truly memorable.It didn t captivate me as much as I d hoped.Thank you to Brandi, the publisher, NetGalley, and Kindle for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.

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    This book is seriously a whirlwind of emotions It s written from three point of views after the murder of Margaux This book is told from Jessica, Kirsten, and Margaux s point of view before she is murdered.Jessica is a firefighter who is trying to get to the bottom of Margaux s murder She s involved with a detective, Decker, as well as a man named Jack Wyatt Kirsten s husband, Ian Holloway, is a prominent attorney He seems to have ties to a popular sex club called Aquasphere Underground Margaux happened to work at this same club After encountering Margaux at Ian s cousins wedding, Kirsten feels that Ian May have to do with Margaux s murder than he s letting on This book goes between the three points of view to craft a murder mystery that isn t quite solved until the last page.

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    I won t lie Third Party is a bit predictable and will not be considered a classic However, it s an awful lot of fun to read, apart from the unfortunate young woman whose death starts the action rolling Margaux s death could be murder or could be suicide Two very different women, a firefighter named Jessica and a homemaker named Kirsten, get involved Jessica was the one who had to cut Margaux down from the rope that hung her Kirsten found a pair of red thong underwear in her husband s jacket, and has reason to believe they belong to Margaux.As Jessica and Kirsten seek to learn , they become friends and allies They also learn an awful lot than they ever wanted Margaux worked at a private, underground sex club, and this opens up a very large can of worms Brandi Reeds throws out lots of possible suspects, motives, and red herrings, but Kirsten and Jessica remain involved The novel s point of view alternates between time periods and between Kirsten, Jessica, and Margaux s perspectives The one thing for certain is that all of them could make much better decisions when it comes to men Fair warning, there are depictions of sex, including some that are violent Some characters experienced sexually and emotionally abusive childhoods That said, if you like suspense with strong female characters, you ll like this one Enjoy it on the beach, the train, or, in my case, during the NASCAR race rain delay Thanks to NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for a review.

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    Review to come.

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    This book was a bit of a surprise for me I didn t have that high expectations don t know why, nothing against the cover or the author this is my first book from Brandi Reeds , I just wasn t convinced it was going to be for me But thought I d give it a shot anyway I found myself getting sucked into the book and I kept guessing until the end I love when books keep me guessing and it takes a lot for that to happen This novel focuses on the character of Margaux, who s apparent suicide at the beginning of the book opens up a world of secrets and lies Following her death, we meet Jessica who wants justice for Margaux and Kristen who worries her husband may be responsible Such an interesting concept and great twists I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    This book was a great psychological thriller that changes up point of views and exposes some dark hobbies throughout the book It all begins when Kirsten finds a red thong in her husband s jacket when she takes it to the cleaner As she watches the TV, she sees that a woman that she had seen at her brother in laws recent wedding was murdered and had a matching dress to the thong The eerie part is that this woman had reached out to her husband at the wedding I really liked this one and would like to read from this author There is a little bit of SM and sexuality throughout the book, but it fit in seemlessly into the book Thanks for the ARC, Net Galley,

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    Really enjoyed this novel The writing flowed and the characters were depicted very well Couldn t wait to find out what happens next.

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