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The Holiday Seven Days Three Families One KillerIt Was Supposed To Be The Perfect Holiday A Group Of Families Enjoying A Week Together In The Sun Four Women Who Have Been Best Friends For As Long As They Can Remember Making The Most Of A Luxurious Villa In The South Of FranceBut Kate Has A Secret Her Husband Is Having An Affair And A Week Away Might Just Be The Perfect Opportunity To Get The Proof She Needs To Catch Him In The Act Once And For All Because She Suspects The Other Woman Is One Of Her Two Best FriendsOne Of Them Is Working Against Her, Willing To Sacrifice Years Of Friendship To Destroy Her Family But Which One As Kate Closes In On The Truth In The Stifling Mediterranean Heat, She Realises Too Late That The Stakes Are Far Higher Than She Ever Imagined Because Someone In The Villa May Be Prepared To Kill To Keep Their Secret Hidden

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    A great setting is key for all perfect mystery novels, this riveting thriller has that in abundance.As this secluded but familiar setting is the perfect modern take on a genre, as Kate and her friends and families week long holiday to the south of France is about to turn into a trip from hell.For university friends Kate, Rowan, Izzy and Jennifer reunite to celebrate turning 40 this year, this novel introduces an interesting dynamic of people who ve got a tight bond but slightly different lifestyles now.With Kate it s her sixteen year old daughter Lucy transitioning into adulthood, whilst Izzy is the single one of the group there s a nice blend of characters.But when Katy discovers some anonymous messages on her husband s phone, she starts to wonder if he is having an affair Does K Suspect Anything We ll Decide When We re in France Which one of her long trusting friends could be behind the texts I loved how everyone was a suspect as little hints are dropped through the book, Lucy wanting definitive proof and cast a suspicious eye on all her friends.The story is littered with plenty of red herrings and great chapter cliffhangers that makes this addictive reading.I m glad that even the tiny misdirects were resolved during the conclusion.This perfect summer thriller really slowly racks the tension as each day passes on their week long stay

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    The Holiday by T.M Logan is a thriller about four women who were friends from college and decide to go on holiday to France together with their families.Kate suspects that her husband is having an affair with one of her friends and plans to find out which one by spying on them.A book about secrets and lies and dysfunctional families.Thank you to NetGalley and Bonnier Zaffre for my e copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    This book was intense, I listened to it on Audio and speed through it in one day Its a family drama, centered around 4 woman who have been friends for over half their life They book a holiday in the south of France, bring their husbands and children together for a week in the Sun Kate suspects her husband is having an affair and thinks one of her trusted friends has betrayed her and is having an affair with her husband She decides to use this holiday as an opportunity to expose the truth but Kate and her friends uncover than they expected this book is full of lies, betrayal, secrets and murder I found the first 70% of the book a bit long and drawn out tbh The reveal is interesting and there were a few gasps Although, I found most of the characters I didn t like so I didn t care too much when all was revealed.This one is ok I give it 2.5 stars

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    I d just start to think that THIS is where this story is goingthen, nope, THIS is where it s going Let s just say it didn t go where I saw it going at all Quick, great, excuse the pun, holiday read

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    Bit slower than his previous books but still enjoyed it, although the ending was rushed I picked what was going on early on Would not want to be friends with these people

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    This was a very good read It was very addictive and thrilling I didn t particularly like any of the characters but it didn t change the book for me I thought the reveal was a bit of an anti climax but the story overall managed to still make it a good read I m really glad they had the point of views from everyone on the holiday as I was wondering how it would work if it was Kate s point of view throughout I really enjoyed and I can t wait to read from this author.

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    My review is now on my website www.bookread2day.wordpress.comTaking a holiday should be about relaxing, having fun as a family Kate organised a holiday in France with her best friends and husband s They should have lots of fun and laughter together, eating and drinking plenty, after all they are on holiday Kate isn t happy she thinks that even though her husband is on holiday, he is being distracted and secretive always on his mobile When Kate finds her husband s mobile she finds a text message from another woman I would have confronted my husband straight away if I had found a text message from another woman, but how kate kept it to herself I don t know Finally when she openly tells her husband she found a text message on his phone, he doesn t have the explanation I thought he would have Lots twists and turns happen in what meant to have been the perfect seven days holiday with three families and oh yes there s one killer, but who The Holiday is a must read, an absolute page turner One of the best holiday themes I ve read.

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    Secrets, secrets all around That s what kept me bound 4 best friends on a holidayTo celebrate their 40th birthday A message on hubby s phone was a sight Brought a secret to the light Each was hiding something Oblivion was their longing READ THE BOOK with an open heart Thrill would hit you like a dartThe end was nothing but a shockT M Logan s Holiday is the NEW THRILLER ON THE BLOCK A mediocre attempt at rhyming, this was the blurb of the book which started the whole rigmarole of the story Kate saw the messages on her husband s phone which led to doubts and suspicion on her best friends Was there an affair being hidden and who was the false friend This was my first T M Logan book, and the author sure led me down the unexpected, merry, roads I liked the way he cast doubts on all of Kate s friends Every chapter saw her being confused This book was like an iceberg, what the characters appeared to be was just the tip, the rest was submerged deep down When they got exposed, each facet of theirs caused a tidal wave of mayhem and shocks I could barely keep up with the revelations Different characterizations and their different moods made these women stand out There was this inner friction between them which came out as the pages rolled I was often left to doubt if they really liked each other Maybe some than the others I liked the way their past was shown which made me look at Kate too with an evil eye What was happening between these friends The book was initially a slow burn, but picked up pace after the first few chapters My niggles too popped up Kate waited till the end of the book to confront her husband in spite of finding evidence to the contrary I kept wondering how a wife could keep quiet after seeing her husband lying I wouldn t I would be like a lawyer interrogating a witness every line and every action would be analyzed The thrill creeped up insidiously when the fine line between truth and lies blurred How much do we really know our friends After reading this book, I would say BEWARE Secrets have a way of bubbling in the depths of the characterization waiting to come to the surface to unleash its damage, and even the innocents were left injured The author showed that with this book of secrets and murder One fine thriller on a lazy afternoon, I would say.

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    Fans of Big Little Lies and An Unwanted Guest will love this one I thought I figured it out, but was not expecting the ending it had Very bingeworthy

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    Wow, where can I start with this book It gave me a book hangover for sure The twists and turns, I just did not see them coming I suspect everyone and everything, would it be as cut and dry as an affair being discovered in the idyllic French resort A holiday with a large group of friends always sounds like so much fun in theory Hey, let us take a week off, go stay in somewhere grand and watch as everyone starts to crack underneath the secrets they all hold I mean ok, it is not going to be like that every time you go away but in Logan s book well what do you know And do you know what I thoroughly enjoyed every single crack getting bigger and bigger Kate, on holiday with her 3 best friends from university, discovers that her husband Sean is not so loyal and honest as it first seems In the days following she suspects everyone of her friends, and so did I But is it that simple Aaah no Told predominately through Kate s eyes, you only have her point of view to consider Her thoughts and feelings slowly envelop you and become your thoughts and feelings I did find a few times I wanted Kate to have a bit of a backbone and say NO Maybe if I had the chance to push her in the pool she might have woken up a bit quicker However, through watching her you garner things she does not at first, and it becomes obvious that 2 and 2 become 5.Does Rowena have everything you are led to believe Why does she need to be completely squeaky clean for this upcoming audit What is she whispering into Sean s ear Jennifer, always protective over her boys, maybe she than she should be, what is she hiding Why is secretly hugging Sean when no one is looking Does she want to rekindle her old flame with him Izzy, the single lady, the one dating a married man Is it Sean she is dating Being his oldest friend, does she want Why won t she tell Kate Is there than meets the eye Well, these are just some of the questions me and Kate were asking throughout the book Whilst Kate is wrapped up in herself, we see chapters from other characters We have Kate s daughter Lucy, what is she hiding from everyone Why so sullen Her son, Daniel, worried about his sister but are the boys bullying him Why are Ethan and Jake, Jennifer s boys, just wanting to find oblivion Why such darkness in them Is Odette, Rowena s little girl, just a little girl wanting her parent s attention Or does she know something darker You see So many blinking questions to answer, all flying through my head when I was reading My head was spinning, still is when I think of it The ending came so left field, that if I had been playing rounders I would have had a ball in my face, I should have seen it coming but Logan just blind sighted me for sure It was a heartbreaking discovery, one where my heart stopped and the tears flowed until the shocking and intense conclusion.It is a perfect book to devour.maybe when you are on holiday It makes you question friendships, social media and watch everything your friends and partner does It sows the seeds deep in your mind My only disgruntle is Kate began to get a bit whiny and did not stand up for herself when she first discovers the messages but waits a long time to confront Sean.If you want a book that batters you with answers and red herrings at the same time in such a rampant tirade, then The Holiday is for you However this is a slow burn, it is not all action With each bit of new information you get, you have time to digest it as you are given a new point of view, a new situation to think about All the while making your head spin, wondering which way is up The Holiday gave me such a book hangover It is one that stayed with me once I had put the kindle down and I could not stop thinking about it until I got the chance to carry on reading It will have you hooked and it will throw you through the wringer, but it will take a long tortuous time doing it, making you suffer until the final jigsaw pieces start to fit For me, this is a contender for book of the year

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