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First on the Moon (An I Was There Book) Only Two Men Could Make History By First Setting Foot On The Moon, But Millions Witnessed It Among Them The Families Of The Brave Astronauts, Including Eleven Year Old Janice Aldrin She And The World Watched Spellbound As Neil Armstrong And Her Father, Buzz Aldrin, Explored The Earth S Nearest Neighbor First On The Moon Brings Readers There, Both On The Spot With The Astronauts And Back Home, And Allows Them To Experience This Great Adventure.

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    very dense and very good needs illustrations Lots of good, new information and I think it s a great supplement to the Disney movie about the women in NASA.

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    This story a third person narration parts are told from the point of view of Jan Aldrin, Buzz Aldrin s daughter while parts focus on the astronauts It makes the story accessible and interesting It captures both the perspective of the astronauts and the perspective of the Americans watching from home.It s hard to imagine the impact of the televised broadcasts from space When I was in grade school, shuttle launches were still important enough to stop school for we gathered around the set in the library to watch Now, I wonder if they even discuss the space program.This book includes good illustrations detailed but not flashy I particularly like the schematic of the Saturn V rocket and the timeline at the end of the book I wish we had read this book before visiting the Cosmosphere and Space Center in Hutchinson, KS last week Of course, I didn t own the book then, and we had not...

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    We all enjoy watching races, whether they are between five year old children, champion race horses, or speedy race cars But few of us experience races which last for an entire decade of time But that s what the space program was A decade long race.And now, First On the Moon offers you the chance to experience that race from the perspective of the people who ran it Told through the eyes of the spectators, the wives and children of the astronauts, and the participants themselves, First On the Moon tells an exciting, day by day story of the first moon landing.A fabulous array of illustrations and real photographs are included from every stage along the journey in the rockets, at the liftoff, on the moon, in orbit, and later in press conferences and on parade Although not an exhaustive resource, First on the Moon definitely provides its readers with a sense of the great excitement which accom...

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    Great historical account of man s first trip to the moon for children.

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    I really like this book It was totally clear that the total feeling of being on the moon was phenominal the pics were great and I just really liked it Audrey

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    this book was very exciting and informative I m glad we were the first ones on the moon.

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