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Good Witch of the West, The Volume 5 While Two Intelligent And Ambitious Queens In Waiting Duel For Succession To Graal S Throne, A Greater Challenge Awaits Our Plucky Heroine Firiel In The South Where Dragons And Unicorns Roam, And Even The Best Intentions Of Friends May Twist Into Poisonous Lies

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    Leandra s scheme to tarnish House Roland s name is working, putting her in larger favor for the throne of Graal Knowing that the only way to gain back support to the Roland name is to become a dragon slayer and defend the village on the border from encroaching dragons, Eusis sets off for the South Firiel, suspecting that Rune had also fled to the South, considering that was also where the Professor had gone she makes a promise to Adale to let no harm come to Eusis, and she secretly follows him all the way in hopes of protecting him, and being reunited with Rune once again But, even as Eusis has mentioned, Firiel seems a bit lost without Rune by her side So will she be able to stand against a dragon without anyone to protect but herself Firiel truly is the strongest when she has someone to protect Without Rune there, really, she doesn t have much strength Actually, I don t know how Firiel would even live without Rune She would be a completely different person, much darker Actually Rune is her light, isn t he He may be the darkness to her light, but he himself is what helps her produce the light in her heart, isn t that right Oh, Firiel Dee Despite all of his influe...

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    Now there are unicorns.I have to keep reading.

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    Baby unicorns Love it Really enjoyed this latest book

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    best installment in this series so far.

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