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Weekend Knitting: 50 Unique Projects and Ideas Read Weekend Knitting 50 Unique Projects And Ideas Author Melanie Falick Capitalsoftworks.co.uk When Weekend Knitting Was First Published In Hardcover In 2003, A Modern Generation Of Knitters Was Just Starting To Discover This Hot New Hobby Since Then, Knitting Has Grown Wildly Popular And Melanie Falick S Book Has Gone On To Become A Knitting Classic And A Huge Bestseller.Now Available In Paperback, Weekend Knitting Brings Together Unique, Innovative, And Still Fresh Projects For Beginning And Experienced Knitters, Many Of Which Can Be Completed In A Weekend Or Less Every Project Is Presented With Clear Instructions And In Beautiful Photographs That Celebrate Idyllic Weekend Settings Quotes From Diverse Sources About Knitting, Creativity, And Balanced Living Along With Favorite Recipes, Lists Of Books And Movies With Knitting Scenes, And Other Extras Complete The Weekend Knitting Experience.

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    Honestly I only use one pattern out of this book.BUT I USE THE HELL OUT OF THAT ONE PATTERN This is a beautiful book There are a couple of patterns I like the chair seat using plastic twine that you knit and then shrink to fit using boiling water BRILLIANT I ll probably never do it.But the side to side knit fingerless glove wrist warmers that specify no yarn, no needles, and you knit to gauge I ve made at least 15 pair I ve tweaked the pattern to make them bigger, and smaller I ve added stitches to the wrist end to make an extra long pair This is one of the best patterns for the lazy product knitter read me EVER, and I love it so Well worth the price of the book alone.I even made a crib sheet for this pattern, because the way it reads in the book is a bit complicated many different sizes represented , so I have...

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    If you like to drool over beautiful patterns and think about curling up on a snowy day with some wool work on your couch with a mug of homemade callebaut hot chocolate, then this book is for you.

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    I don t plan to make a habit of reviewing instructional books, such as knitting or beading pattern books or cookbooks, because their goal is to instruct rather than entertain, and I really don t know how to evaluate that However, I found Weekend Knitting to be an exceptional book, even among books featuring knitting projects that can be completed in a number of days Here Weekend Knitting refers not only to the length of the projects and as always, your mileage may vary , but to the role knitting can play in a meditative and relaxing weekend As Falick writes in her introduction, my idea of an idyllic weekend is one filled with fresh air, beautiful scenery, good friends, delicious food, laughter, and time to knit 7 As a result, Falick s book includes not only projects by multiple designers, but also quotes about knitting from Pablo Picasso and Virginia Woolf, a divine recipe for hot chocolate, knitting book and movie lists, and even a guide to hand massage for those long knitting sessions There are also lovely photographs by Ericka McConnell, many of them taken at the Morehouse farm, and featuring models of different ages and genders These models are shown enjoying just the kind of weekend Falick describe, some of them even knitting I wish that they showed some of the male models knitting guys do knit to...

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    This was the very first knitting book I ever bought myself, almost five years ago when I was in DC for an internship Since then I ve been slowly knitting my way throughout the book I fell in love with the craft, and this book helped me along even so with its warmhearted narratives and knitting facts strewn throughout I espec...

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    I ve checked this book out from the library twice, both times admiring the beautiful coffee table quality of the book AND its fun practicality The flower washcloths are so unique and whimsical They are definitely not your grandmother s washcloth.Other ...

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    it s beautiful you need to read it when you are listening to Norah Jones It s also better in your hands than an ebook it has great patterns if you are a knitter you will enjoy this book

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    Fun projects that range from easy to complex Great gift ideas in this book.

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    Amazing project bookI use to own this book many years ago and I am pleased to get it on Kindle The projects are still fresh and give you lots of ideas to modify them Good beginner to medium skill book for knitters Intarsia may be hard for beginners Still a good go to for quick gifts

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    some interesting home projects and some basic clothing projects.

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    This book has some lovely projects and is a worthwhile addition to my knitting library I won t be starting on any of the ideas pictured until I finish knitting already in progress.

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