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10 thoughts on “Oh, Yuck! The Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty

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    This is a book, I hesitated to get just because I didn t know how much emphasis I wanted to put on nasty things when it s such a natural focus already for little kids male kids I think it is still a little advanced for my kids, but they always want to read it, so I have to simplify the wording a lot It s quite scientific about the processes of gross things, and frankly, I have found it to be fascinating We recently learned all about Acne Extremely gross, but very informative I think it turns it from being something unexplained and gross funny to something scientific and makes it , shall I say, dignified Science is interesting And even gross things have a place in science and it helps to take the brainless comical nastiness out of things and turn it into something worth while in education In addition to gross bodily problems one might experience, it includes nasty creatures which are actually of the emphasis than the body stuff And it is...

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    Do you like things like vomit, maggots, rats, pus, toilets, and roaches After all even the nicest things have a gross side And it is really fun to learn all the scientific facts about the dirty stuff that makes us want to vomit This book was Interesting, att...

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    Even though my son was too young for this book at the time, I just had to buy a copy I knew he would love learning about all the icky nasty stuff in the world, and I would love it just as much reading it to him

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    I don t even know why I wanted this book I was and still am easily grossed out Why, past me Why

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    i learned that the adverage person farts at least 14 times a day.OHHH YUCK LOL

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    THis is a very funny book that will get kids interested in science, the easy way it is very funny listing everything from Acme to that stuff between your toes it is a fun read for all ages

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    I really liked the book I liked the book because it was about gross and nasty stuff I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read gross stuff.

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    Citation by Adriane WattType of Reference EncyclopediaCall Number Ref 031.02 Content Scope An Encyclopedia targeted for students 8 12 years ld and grades 3rd 7th This book has 224 pages of grossness This book is a bit different than many other Encyclopedias and covers everything from humans, plants, animals, and much It gives an insight in jus how gross things really are Accuracy Authority Bias This book is a lot different than many other Encyclopedias that are on the shelf It is targeted for the people who want to know the ins and outs of grossness It targets everything from A Z and what gross things follow Arrangement Presentation Arrangement is alphabetical Included in the 224 pages it covers everything from why vomit smells to where dandruff comes from and so much It is fully colorful book t...

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    Oh, yuck the encyclopedia of everything nasty 2000 New York Workman PublishingCitation by Jackie LeMondsType of Reference EncyclopediaCall Number Ref 031.02 OhyContent Scope This encyclopedia includes bibliographical references and an index It has an alphabetical collection of articles about disgusting things Topics range from acne and ants to worms and zits It has a target audience of 8 to 12 year olds.Accuracy Authority Bias It is exhaustively researched and impeccably scientific, but it is written in a way that students can understand The author provides pronunciations and definitions, historical perspectives, and advice on how to deal with some of these topics.Arrangement Presentation It is an alphabetical collection of articles with amusing cartoons along with black and white photographs with humorous captions Relation to other works This is an encyclop...

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    This book lives up to it s name, it is absolutely gross Although it is gross, gross is sometimes very cool I learned a ton of stuff by reading this book, such as fifteen ways to say throwing up my favorite Doing the technicolor yawn I learned why we burp, fart, and throw up There are little blurbs in this book called the putrid past they talk about how history was gross One thing they said was that Queen Isabella, the lady who launched Christopher Columbus off on his journey, only took two baths in her entire lifetime For four hundred years taking a bath was considered disgusting, unhealthy, and bad for you bet you won t learn that in your history class I liked the parts about gross stuff that people eat I will never eat hot dogs or sausages again This book was very disgusting, but it was amazing I ve read this book over about a million ...

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