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Socken aus aller Welt EPUB Socken Aus Aller Welt Author Stephanie Van Der Linden Capitalsoftworks.co.uk International Sock Knitting Sensation Stephanie Van Der Linden Shares An Irresistible Collection Of 26 Original Designs Inspired By Global Knitting Traditions In Around The World In Knitted Socks, You Ll Travel Through World Cultures By Foot And Try Your Hand At New Patterns And Techniques.Using Stitch Motifs And Colors, Knitting Techniques And Construction Details, The Socks Blend Regional Knitting Traditions With Stephanie S Unique Design Flair Drawing Inspiration From Signature Local Textiles Such As Turkish Kilim Carpets, Japanese Sashiko Embroidery, Belgian Lace, American Quilts, And Scottish Argyle Tartan, Each Pattern Is Distinctly Tied To Both Country And Culture You Ll Also Learn Traditional Knitting Techniques Including Estonian And Latvian Braids, Norwegian Stranded Knitting, And Austrian Twisted Stitch Designs.Though Each Pattern In Around The World In Knitted Socks Draws On A Different Global Inspiration, The Thoughtful Construction And Attention To Detail Are Signature Elements Of Stephanie S Work And Are Showcased In Both Detailed Photography And An Illustrated Glossary.

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    This is one of the best sock books I have The book offers 26 beautiful sock patterns inspired by cultures all over the world The sock designs are inspired and based on the peculiarities of different countries Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Japan, Armenia, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Turkey, ...

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    This is a great collection of different sock patterns I ve done almost half of the patterns that they really come out like the artsy photos in the book, if you take care to check gauge before hand because sometimes you have to change the needle size if you knit too tight or too loose I have the too tight pr...

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    While I can knit with two colors, one in each hand, I can t do it on size O needles Most of the color work patterns had a gauge smaller than 8 sts per inch Yes, I could modifiy these patterns, but really, I ve got others to knit first The Missoni inspired knit sock looked cool, but too ambitious for me The token Asian inspired sock was all in plain stocking knit with an embroidered pattern stitched in later Meh.On the positive side, I liked the lacew...

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    There are some really lovely knitting patterns in this book I am making the beaded peacock socks for my younger daughter, but substituting regular knitting stitches for the beads I like how it looks much better that way and besides, I ...

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    Admittedly, I skim pattern books than reading them This was a decent one I like the little tidbits of knitting history that goes with each pattern and its nation that inspired it The patterns are nice, but none of them ...

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    Lots of fancy socks I have not tried any of the patterns yet so I can t say much to that I worry that its too much work for something you don t really see Nonetheless I m putting them on my list of things to do.

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    Lots of lovely colour work and some textured socks Was disappointed that she didn t also explore different construction techniques in heels and toes though there is one side to side sock Pretty, but won t necessarily expand your knitting skills.

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    Loved the different socks from many areas of the world I would love to try some of these Different things to try, different techniques.

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    Glorious colours and patterns, really inspirational The sort of knitting book you want to own just to look at and dream about knitting them all one day.

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    Excellent book although not for beginners If you re comfy with colourwork and cabling then you ll love these patterns Good hot to section and introduction.

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