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    The whole book can be boiled down to 2 key ideas The brand that gets in the mind of the consumer first wins Who makes the best soda Coke The best small cars VW with its Beetle The best round chips Pringles Tip Find a narrow niche and hold it tight Line extension is bad Xerox producing computers in bad, Chevrolet making small cars is bad, even Pantene producing body foam is bad Tip to companies Never stray from the business...

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    This book tells how to establish a position for your products and company in the minds of prospects The authors say that the essence of positioning is to make your brand name stand for the generic e.g., Kleenex.I like the advice to start with the position you already have what you re already known for , and work to improve from there.It s mostly applicable to large companies with large advertising budgets, but most principles can apply to smaller businesses It s mostly applicable to products, not services, but most lessons can apply to services.I read this to learn about positioning my web design agency, OptimWise I read it because it was recommended by a local restaurateur I ve also seen it on lists of marketing books.Below are my notes.Pricing Charging high prices is not the way to get rich Being the first to 1 establish the high price position 2 with a valid product story 3 in a category where consumers are receptive to a high priced brand is the secret of success The place to establish the high price is in the a...

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    This book feels like it was composed via cell phone text messages Many of the paragraphs are a single sentence.The main idea is that you cannot make in roads in an existing market by attacking the top dog The top dog, the market leader, will beat you every time Instead, the authors argue that you have to position your product company person in the mind of the consumer, in relation to the market leader And forcing your idealized position on the mind of the consumer won t work, so your position often starts with the existing public perception of your product service idea.The example used numerous times throughout the book is Avis Avis was not going to convince the public that they were the 1 auto rental agency everyone knew that Hertz was 1 Hence the campaign Avis is only No 2 in rent a cars, so why go with us We try harder The authors are extremely cocksure, in sometimes amusing ways my edition...

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    I don t read books about marketing Ever It was pretty interesting though, since the trends he describes can definitely be observed in action.However, Ries raised a lot of red flags with how certain he sounded about his assessments He says things like, a better name for product X name he just came up with Sometimes, he makes these statements without much supporting evidence Anyway, it wasn t a huge part of the book, but he sounded so sure about everything, and that really off putting for me A certain degree of uncertainty and humility about his assessments would have been realistic, but I realize that Al Ries is getting paid, in large part, for his conviction.Also think this book needs an update, given how much the world has changed since this book was written It s probably true that the same forces are...

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    This is a good book in need of an update I read it for a grad school class and while it was interesting in parts, it was very much undergraduate level Marketing 101 information The biggest issue I had with it is that every example is out of date He mentions companies that have now closed down and talks about the great things that they are doing for example, he talks about how Newsweek is a much better magazine name than Time and will surely be successful because of it Since we all know that did not end up being true, it makes you wary of his advice throughout the book There s another part where he mentions that George Bush is a handsome man and I thought OK, sure, W isn t too bad, I guess and then you realize he means George Bush Senior and the...

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    Its old, but its a classic I was told it s part of the curriculum for Harvard Business school If you are creating a product or a brand, this is a MUST READ Biggest takeaway you want to create a new category and dominate it So don t be the 7th biggest social network, be the 1 book focused social network People can only remember the top 3 things in any given category It s a fun exercise actually, start to think...

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    It was good Then the last chapter came in, and made it a must read

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    One of the classics in marketing I believe it s a concept that should be known by every marketer.

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    A useful and general overview of the importance of positioning and how much it carries on being first in the prospect s mind Like in any other solution seeking process, the advice to start with what you already have and what you re already known for , is often neglected.

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