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Space Opera Reading Space Opera Stephanie Burke Bandcamptomp3.co.uk They Were The New World S Only Hope.And Now Their Only Hope Is Running From The Very People They Were Created To Protect.Javen And Gara Were Bred To Be The Perfect Soldiers, Solid And Sure, Protecting New Earth From The Scourge From Above As Lovers, They Were Created To Resonate In Perfect Harmony With Each Other, Their Lives The Stuff Of Legends But They Proved To Be Evolution S Darlings, Developing Characteristics And Alterations To Their Bodies The Scientists Had Never Dreamed Of, Their Advancement Eclipsing That Of Their Creators.Now They Are Running Against Time From The Scientist Who Will Serve Them A Fate Worse Than Death Being Banished Dirt Side.For What The Test Results Revealed To The Scientist Had To Be Surprising But For The Engineered Soldiers Of New Earth, The Results Are Nothing Short Of Explosive.

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    Javen and Gara are a genetically created couple Javen in a dragon shapeshifter his is an old race they are very strong but also clever, they are driven by intellect But they are also a cold blood race and need a balance with a warmer race Gara is a half feline race they are smaller in body than the dragon, but they are stronger and primitive they are driven by passion and need the cold behaviour of their dragon Every dragon is paired with their mate when his companion is still a cub, and they rear their mate, they teach them everything, and it is time, they mated with them.Humans used these couples like warrior and allow them to stay together But now some scientists has found something strange in Javen and wants to conduct experiment in him Javen knows that his mate never allows to nobody to hurt him and together they will find a way to be free, forever.Not so short but still a little too This is a fantastic novel, I think one of the best I read lately by Changeling Press Javen and Gara are a wonderful couple Javen is so cool He is older and taller than Gara, an...

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    This was a different kind of reading for me I hadn t been familiar with shunga I thought the mix of Japanese legends and futuristic aspects was very creative The protagonists were very tender and loving with each other The relationship was long established I...

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    Very much enjoyed Wish it was longer but still really enjoyed it I loved the partnerships between the Pairs.

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