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The Right Man The Right Man Author Anne Stuart Federicoscridel.eu No Man Can Resist A Woman In White.Five Days Before Susan Abbott S Wedding And She Hadn T A Thing To Wear That Is Until The Too Darn Sexy And Enigmatic Jake Hand Delivered An Heirloom Wedding Gown And Changed Her Prim And Proper, Well Planned Life ForeverNow Susan Had To Come To Terms With The Fact That True Love Was Anything But Temperate And Tidy Especially With A Man As Raw And Right As Jake.

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    I have been thoroughly loving Anne Stuart oldies but this was not one of her better efforts mainly because we don t really get to know the hero so the whole falling in love in two days was a bit unbelievable.

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    My craving for an Anne Stuart found me with The Right Man, a novel penned by Ms Stuart for the 50th anniversary of Harlequin Told in three parts, The Right Man has a time travel factor to it and tells the story of Susan Abott who begins to question her impending marriage to her fiance Edward with the arrival of Jake Wyczynski, who comes bearing gifts from her godmother.Susan has always been a dutiful daughter, one who hadn t cared much for the passions that seems to rule people But with the arrival of Jake on her doorstep, Susan starts experiencing twinges of doubts where her decision to marry Edward is concerned and for the very first time finds herself captivated by heady desire for a man that slowly begins to overrule her senses However, Susan believes herself to be made of sterner stuff, that is until she finds herself occupying the role of her deceased aunt Tallulah, who had died 50 years back on her wedding day.50 years in the past, Susan meets Jack McGowan, the man who makes her heart pound with desire, the man for whom she would give up everything, if only ...

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    Umm I m not entirely sure how to write a review for this book It was moving along pretty normally, then suddenly, bam, time travel kind of It s never really explained at all And because most of the book took place 50 years in the past, the supposed main characters never really had a chance to fall in love, they just did, for some reason I never understood They saw each other a few times, lusted, kissed, and suddenly they were in love once the heroine returned from her time travel dream view spoiler Although actually, the part that bothers me the most is that the time travel part didn t even have an HEA, or not exactly They married and lived together for 49 years, but you know, going into the story, the the time travel hero died a year ago, which was slightly depressing once I realized who, precisely, the time travel couple was Which didn t take too much of the time travel portion of the book to do.And the mechanics of the time travel dre...

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    I really enjoyed this book It was a fun, short, time travel book with a little mystery thrown into the mix Susan Abbott is about to get married and Edward s mother has given her a dress to wear that is just not her enter Jake He is her God Mother s Louisa s nephew and he promised to deliver her wedding gifts to Susan and give her a full report of the wedding The first gift is a beautiful wedding dress that looks just perfect o...

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    It was fine Not my favorite but not bad either Good light read.

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    Half way though this one I realised I had already read it I didn t remember much so I just went ahead with the reread.Susan Abbott is almost on the eve of her marriage to her safe and boring fianc when her godmother sends her a young man to hand deliver a present and witness the festivities Naturally Susan starts to have doubts about the wedding and feeling and attracted to Jake.I seldom pick up time travels but I didn t remember even that and now I m sure glad I read it The TT twist was interesting to give some insight into Susan s godmother and her story and also so Susan would get to know herself better as both stories have similar circumstances It s written as one of those film noirs from the 40s or the 50s with dark characters, strong men and powerless women, all in a very cynical and nasty world Of course some women are strong enough to fight and change what is expected of them It was fun and nice to see her talking with her mother when this one was 9 years old Actually this part was almost like a story inside another The tone reminded me of another book by her I read a while ago One More Valentine.As usual Stuart creates very interesting secondary characters and there s a subplot about Susan s parents and why they split when she was a child They are mentioned only briefly but one can see Stuart s trademark characters And their story must be at least as interesting as Susan and Tallulah s.One final word to say that it never ...

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    The Right Man is an entertaining romance of two women finding the courage to be with the right men I thought Talulah and Jack s love story was romantic than Susan and Jake s romance Less time is spent on Jake due to the storyline s structure, so his character seems a bit underdeveloped and, as a result, so is his romance with Susan.The story is written in a manner that the reader is left wondering how Susan is transplanted back in time into the life and body of her Aunt Talulah Is Susan time traveling It s never properly or satisfactorily explained Also, why didn t Talulah take her nine year old s...

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    La trama non dice molto, e cos pensavo di leggere un romanzetto insulso tanto per passare un p il tempocome ho potuto dubitare in questo modo della mitica Anne Ci che inizia in maniera abbastanza banale cinque giorni ...

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    RereadIt was OK

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