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[BOOKS] ⚦ Love in G Minor Author Sean Michael – Capitalsoftworks.co.uk
  • ebook
  • 83 pages
  • Love in G Minor
  • Sean Michael
  • English
  • 23 June 2019
  • 9781603701303

Love in G MinorPDF Love In G Minor Author Sean Michael Liversite.co.uk Stephen And Jack Play A Lot These Long Time Lovers Are Constantly Testing Boundaries, Fighting A Delicious Battle For Control When They Meet Young Waiter Benji, They Re Both Intrigued Such Innocence Doesn T Come Along Often, And They Decide Benji Is The Best Thing On The Menu.Benji Might Be In Over His Head With This Sophisticated Pair, But It Might Just Be Stephen S Musical And Artistic Temperament That Make Three A Crowd Can Jack And Steven Hit Just The Right Note Or Will Benji End Up Out In The Cold

About the Author: Sean Michael

Often referred to as Space Cowboy and Gangsta of Love while still striving for the moniker of Maurice, Sean Michael spends his days surfing, smutting, organizing his immense gourd collection and fantasizing about one day retiring on a small secluded island peopled entirely by horseshoe crabs While collecting vast amounts of vintage gay pulp novels and mood rings, Sean whiles away the hours

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    Threesomes can be fun, hot, and exactly what an adventurous couple needs But as satisfying as bringing in a third man to play can be for both partners, there are some dangers Jealousy, a feeling of being worth less than the new guy, and fear of being replaced are all very real issues It is rare that these are mentioned in fiction, but Love in G Minor is very honest about the problems as well as the benefits The somewhat unusual ending made me frown at first, but actually, it was just perfect.Jack, a stockbroker, and Stephen, a talented violinist who plays in an orchestra, have been together for a few years and love each other deeply They like to tease each other, know exactly how far they can go, and adore their kink Semipublic displays bordering on exhibitionism are on the menu regularly, as is adding a third man to their activities When they find Benji, a waiter, he seems like the ideal addition He is young, innocent, up for pretty much anything, and utterly sensual Both Jack and Stephen have lots of fun exploring his boundaries, and Benji can t seem to get enough He remains an occasional guest though, and as familiar as Jack and Stephen get with him, the love between them clearly takes precedence.It was quite fascinating to watch this dynamic expressed in physical encounters and the occasional, very occasional, conversation Maybe I should have seen the ending coming, but it still managed to surpri...

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    If you are looking for some absolutely decadent M M M erotica, this is your book Jack and Stephen are long time lovers who enjoy a bit of dominance, some light bondage, and a third every now and again They are wealthy men who live life right to the edge of hedonism One night, while out for a drink, they meet Benji, a young, shy, blushing virgin new to the Big City from Oklahoma With a few entreaties, they coax Benji to go home with them Bam chicka wah wah This book is mostly sex with lots of public activities It s shameless and delicious It s raw, and wet, and sensual in a very sex positive way I really enjoyed all the guys, their banter and their shenanigans It s as sweet as it is sexy Jack and Stephen love each other very much, and they enjoy playing their games, with each other and with Benji, though it s clear that their partnership is most important Benji learns a lot from his s...

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads If you need a short story that will spice up your day or night then this should do the job This is a seriously sexy read with a rather lovely ending, which was unexpectedly satisfying and definitely left a smile on my face The main thing that will stick with me though...

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    In almost everyway this is a typical Sean Michael book Sex, sex, sex, change location, sex, sex, sex, add a player, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex change location, sex, sex, sexetc Mine, Yours, LoveIf you have read any of the prior sips or shorts you know the drill Interestingly enou...

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    I do love me some menage It s by far one of my most favorite tropes In Love in G Minor we have duh, 3 MC s Jack and Stephen are already a well established couple and they are quite a pair They re rich, and dabble in light BDSM They aren t, by societies standards, a typical couple Which I think is why I loved them so much.Benji is the 3rd MC in Sean Michael s lusty menage Benji is all sorts of fabulous and adorable He s new to the city, virginal dun dun dunnnnnnn And he s caught the eyes of Jack and Stephen.When these three come together pun intended it feels right physically Now, this is an extremely sexually charged book but if you ve ever read Sean Michael that isn t surprising.I won t give anything away but I ll adm...

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    You know I think I have a book figured out and then an author will throw a curve ball right at the end of the book and will do something totally unexpected Well that is what Sean Michael did in this book He threw a major curve ball.Jack and Stephen have been partners forever and they are very happy with one another They are happy with their lives and they are happy with the way they still want and crave each other even after all this time together Sometimes they will find someone as a third to spice things up and that is what they did when they found Benji Benji in my opinion is very innocent He comes from a small town in Oklahoma where he was not able to explore his sexual side So when Jack and Stephen showed that extra interest in him I think he was flattered and intrigued Things went splendidly well between the three of them but I think there was of a connection between Jack and Benji then there was between Stephen and Benji But regardless I think that Benji was still attracted to and was starting to care about both men.As the story went on I felt that Stephen was starting to get jealous of Benji and I also felt that Jack was stuck in the middle....

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    What do you get when an aggressively dominant stockbroker and a submissively dominant violinist meets an innocent Sometimes a third is exactly what a pair needs.The games were about to begin Lovers Jack and Stephen had lost their third After a delicious night, they decided to haunt another They found it in the sweet, waiter named Benji He was going to have one adventure before he went home, or die trying BenjiAlmost immediately there was attraction and chemistry Stephen and Jack were intrigued by the boy they wanted as their toy Between the two of them, they were magic, add in this third and they went up like a house on fire One night just wasn t enough Theirs was an open, public exhibition of sexual tension Until one of them had an epiphany and it became a matter of self preservation.This could have been called the seduction of Benji No one...

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    4 Little Bit Stars This is the story of two long term lovers wanting to spice up their love life by taking on a third This is a Sean Michael book, so the first few pages are all about the kindle melting sex these two have together, lots of it Steven and Jack are trying to find someone else to complete their life and they come across a young waiter at a restaurant So who s the cute little muffin serving us this evening Benji He s a doll baby, all wide eyed and trembly His voice lowered He d bruise beautifully Benji is such an innocent, but is intrigued by the two men he is waiting on He notices their intimacy and blatant sexual come on s and readily agrees to go home with them What ensues is sex, sex, and much sex Plenty of steamy sex There isn t too much story between them, but the reason I gave this 4 stars is Sean Michael rea...

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    Stephen and Jack are old time lovers but heat between the two is still high They like to play And they have found a new toy, Benji.Benji is young and innocent, a virgin He is lured by this upperclass couple and shares fun and sex But for Stephen and Jack he is only a good boy, a pretty little thing The real Love is something different for them, and when Stephen begins to doubt, Jack has to do everything to prove that what they have is forever.Stephen and Jack are an handsome couple, but they are devilish They are like the Prince Charming of Pretty Woman, but in the end for Benji will be no happily ever after or maybe no A standalone story, long enough to enthrall you, but short enough to be an enjoyable reading when you are not...

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    I wish I could give partial stars, because this is a fairly solid 2.5 for me I liked the character of Benji, and his character arc, though I felt there was a bit of a jump at the end.I didn t really care for the two other central characters I found them a little shallow, and their ...

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