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The Netherworld Of Kemet: Ezra's Trial Of Faith BOOKS The Netherworld Of Kemet Ezra S Trial Of Faith Author A.R Bey Bandcamptomp3.co.uk On The Morning Of The First Day Of Seventh Grade, Twelve Year Old Ezra Wallace Dreams Of A Distant Wasteland Later That Evening, He Learns That His Parents Are Separating However, When His History Class Visits The Local Museum To Observe A Popular King Tut Exhibit, He Is Intrigued By A Small Golden Elephant That Once Belonged To The Late Boy King When He Discovers That The Glass Containing The Artifact Has Been Mysteriously Left Ajar, He Is Tempted To Steal It Shortly Thereafter, His Decision Leads Him On An Unforgettable Journey Through The Netherworld Of Kemet Amenti , A Magical Dimension Filled With Wonder And Splendor There He Encounters Several Famous Pharaohs, Enchanting Queens, And Many Kemetic Deities As They Continue Their Eternal Existence Yet He Soon Realizes That Amenti Is Not The Paradise That It Should Be.

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