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On Cosmic Religion and Other Opinions and Aphorisms PDF Epub On Cosmic Religion And Other Opinions And Aphorisms Author Albert Einstein Nature Explore.eu Science And Religion Are Compatible, Declares The Famous Physicist In These Essays, Einstein Views Science As The Basis For A Cosmic Religion, Embraced By Scientists, Theologians, And All Who Share A Sense Of Wonder In The Rationality And Beauty Of The Universe In The Course Of His Career, Einstein Wrote Than 300 Scientific And 150 Nonscientific Publications These Essays Date From The 1930s And 40s In Direct, Everyday Language The Author Develops A Coherent View That Transcends Both The Antiquated Religion Of Fear And The Modern Religion Of Ethics His Concept Of Cosmic Religion Combines Science And Religion, With Science Forming The Basis For A Enlightened Religion In These Essays And Aphorisms, Einstein Also Reflects On Pacifism, Disarmament, And Zionism In Addition To A Brief Biography Of The Author, This Volume Includes A Warm Appreciation By George Bernard Shaw.

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    Einstein briefly introduces the cosmic religion as an alternative to fear and moral religions There is no anthropomorphic idea of God, it is based on the rational enjoyment of the beauty of the universe He states that only exceptionally gifted individuals or n...

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    I guess my expectations were too great of The Great man.

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    Amazing and deep I will have to read it several times to take it all in I think you would enjoy it.

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