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Snow in the Maze EPUB Snow In The Maze Author Barbara C Freeman Bystricepodhostynem.eu Why Had The Former Mistress Of Briarcourt House Left So Many Of Her Possessions Behind When She Left On That Fateful Voyage In 1785 Why Was Rosa Close To Tears When She Gazed At A Portrait Of An Orphaned Cousin And Should One Take The Advice Of Blue Eyed, Solitary Man Who Seemed A Little Odd Rosa Is Caught Up In The Final Unravelling Of The Briarcourt Mystery.

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    A note about my ratings 5 perfect4 excellent3 enjoyed it very much2 okay1 didn t like much, if at allThis one is close to a 4, but to give it a 4 means I d have to elevate existing 4s to 5 and then where would I put the rare true 5s Snow in the Maze centres on several of Barbara C Freeman s favoured themes a difficult family relationship, seeking the past, a sense of place and others It is beautifully written in most senses and the plot is one that could be termed bitter sweet, nostalgic, gentle ghost story but which really, truly, isn t This author uses modern themes and a hard edge of reality under the velvet trappings Rosa, who is around 16, lives with her widowed mother whose modest fortune and niche fame has sprung from her series of Rosa child portraits Rosa herself resents being known as the Rosa of the portraits and longs to be free to create and craft her own identity This causes conflict between Rosa and her mother Frances Because both are basically nice if acerbic people, these battles are fought in a civilise...

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    My grandmother gave me this book, and over the years I sometimes dream about it and have to read it again Strange and haunting and lovely.

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