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One Poetry ONE Is Necessarily Engaged, Engagingly Necessary As So Much Contemporary American Poetry Takes The Witless Witticism Of No Ideas Except As Refracted In Other Ideas To Its Logical Conclusion, Using Stevens As Willful Instrument To Hollow Out Dickinson S Interiority, Flying As Far As Possible From Whitman, Williams And Pound In Some Desperately Whimsical, Whimsically Desperate Attempt To Escape Still, At This Late Date 20th Century Modernisms, It S Wonderfully Refreshing To Treat Oneself To The Singular Drama In Jen Hofer S Open Field Verse, Refractory Through Purposive Theater, Flicking With Deconstruction, Declension And Interrogation Her Sage Insistence Flares Into The Continuous Present That Is Our Own Sesshu Foster.

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    Anti war poems Language y, reader constructs meaning type text framed by quotes from media, others re war especially the language of war.

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