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Dating - Philosophy for Everyone Progressing From The First Flirtatious Moment Of Eye Contact To The Selection Of A Mate, This Enlightening Book Offers Playful Philosophical Explorations Of The Dating Game For Anyone Who Has Dated, Is Dating, Or Intends To Date Again.Offers Amusing And Enlightening Philosophical Insights Into The Dating Game Helps Demystify Coupling In The 21st Century For Those Young Daters Just Entering The Fray, And Those Veterans Returning To The Game Features Contributions From A Wide Range Of Disciplines, Including Philosophy, Psychology, Communications, Theology, Economics, Health Sciences, Professional Ethics, And Engineering And Applied Sciences Opens With Carrie Jenkins Ground Breaking Essay, The Philosophy Of Flirting,first Published In The Philosopher S Magazine

About the Author: Kristie Miller

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dating - Philosophy for Everyone book, this is one of the most wanted Kristie Miller author readers around the world.

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    individuals make two sorts of judgments 1 comparison level, which is a person s expectations for a given relationship, and 2 comparison level of alternatives, which refers to the value of rewards that could be obtained in a different relationship or in being alone Dating consumes resources It consumes emotional and financial resources, and it comes with what economists call opportunity costs Spending time with a romantic prospect means you re not spending time reading alone, playing video games alone, or spending time with other friends Is itworth the sacrifice Aristotle s remark that the friend is another yourself friends amplify what you care about they provide what you cannot get on your own andthey are a forum for cultivating virtue and achieving the rewards of companionship and mutual caring Good friends have a shared history of a shared life, and theydo not second guess their friends even in a complete friendship and, we believe, in the most rewarding of intimate romances , friends mutual commitm...

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    This was a great book overall, but it did have one TERRIBLE article about matchmaking in which the guy opposes the concept of setting your male friends and family up on blind dates because it violates the evolutionarily natu...

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    The last two essays were a lot meh than those that preceded it Especially identified with the conservative male essay, surprise surprise._________The desire to connect is the desire to jointly create a mutual reality that transcends our separate selves and even, in ecstatic moments, obliterate them But our only prayer at making these connections comes in holding onto our discrete identities.A set of necessary and sufficient conditions on flirting First, the flirter should act with the intention to do things which are disposed to raise flirter flirtee romance and or sex to salience for the flirtee, in a knowing yet playful manner.Second, he or she should believe that the flirtee can respond in some significant way.From a conservative position, however, some of those intentions are considered out of bounds For these men, all behaviour, including flirting, should have a clear and appropriate desired outcome In other words, true courtship is not encouraged quasi courtship, which lacks a sexual end goal, is okay There is also an explicit value in being sincere or honest Misrepresenting...

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    The principles of philosophy applied to an area where perhaps we need the most guidance While the essays collected here won t teach you to be less self conscious, they will certainly convince you of a dating attitude that is healthy than the other self h...

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