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Womens Worth We Are Different Women Live Longer And Are Likely To Live Alone For Significant Periods Of Time Our Workplace Participation Is Intermittent, And The Care Of Dependents Falls To Us Often Though We Are Educated And Successful, Earning Now Than Ever Before, We Often Lack Confidence In Our Ability To Make Financial Decisions In Short, Our Financial Needs Are Different From Those Of Men It S Time Our Financial Advice Was Different, Too In Women S Worth, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Eleanor Blayney Breaks Through The Traditionally Male Dominated Field Of Financial Advice To Offer Information You As A Woman Can Really Use Her Frank Approach Intersperses Practical Advice With Easy To Do Exercises That Will Help You Understand Your Beliefs About Money, Learn The Fundamentals Of Financial Planning, And Gain Confidence In Your Financial Know How After All, You Re Worth It.

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    I can t recall how I heard about this book, possibly from BOOKLIST Magazine I am always interested in reading good basic books about finance that I can recommend to young people This is just such a book It s a fast read and is approachable than Jane Bryant Quinn s new thick thick tome that young people find intimidating and too heavy for a casual dip in the pool Blayney, a certified financial planner, did a seminar at her alma mater Mt Holyoke and realized that she was surrounded by intelligent women who had no confidence when it came to finance Her book is not preachy and not trendy She talks about how women generally learn best collaboratively and how this can be accomplished without revealing exact financial details For instance rather than saying you spent 3000 a year on clothing you can create a pie chart to share with the group that puts spending in categories Women live longer and don t earn as much as men, they stay home with children and therefore can have very different financial viewpoints than men They do control a large bit of the country s wealth but are rarely treated as such I appreciated when she said that Not knowing where your money goes is as detrimental to your financial well being as not having the money in the first place Amen.Her glossary details ter...

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    Eleanor Blayney demystifies financial management in an easy to understand book filled with the knowledge women need to gain their financial confidence.

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    3.75 stars, rounded up Strong writing, good explanations, important topics, many resources I ve had this book for a while and meant to read itI m not sure why, once I picked it up, it took me so long to read it It s not bad I think since it s information I already know, I had trouble staying engaged, but it would be great for a woman wanting to take control of her financial life so basically any woman A few of my favorite quotes You should not seek coddling from your planner You need to be challenged to be and do your financial best This should apply to anyone you seek advice from in any capacity make choices t...

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