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Human Resources Management Ideal For Management Majors Who Plan To Become HRM Professionals, This Highly Accessible Text Presents A Conceptual Model Of The Field, Placing HRM In The Overall Context Of Business Management Students Gain A Broad, Practical Understanding Of How HRM Policies Affect The Workplace From Productivity, Quality, And Customer Service To Employee Morale French Addresses Timely Issues Changing The Current Role Of HRM, Including International Topics, Technology And The Internet, Social Responsibility, And Performance Appraisal Several Pedagogical Features Reinforce The Author S Conceptual Approach To Human Resources Management Chapter Ending Experiential Exercises Promote Group Discussion And Role Playing Through Real World Challenges Such As Discrimination Laws, Safe Healthy Work Environments, And Negotiation Skills Comprehensive Cases Taken From Respected Publications Such As The New York Times And The Wall Street Journal Explore Contemporary Issues In HRM Like The New Face Of Organized Labor And The Implications Of An Aging Workforce.

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    Explaining the Performance of Human Resource Management

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