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Church After Christendom How Will The Western Church Negotiate The Demise Of Christendom Can It Rediscover Its Primary Calling, Recover Its Authentic Ethos And Regain Its Nerve If Churches Are To Thrive Or Even Survive Disturbing Questions Need To Be Confronted And Answered In Conversation With Christians Who Have Left The Church And With Those Who Are Experimenting With Fresh Expressions Of Church, Stuart Murray Explores Both The Emerging And Inherited Church Scenes And Makes Proposals For The Development Of A Way Of Being Church Suitable For A Postdenominational, Postcommitment And PostChristendom Era With Chapters On Mission, Community And Worship, Church After Christendom Offers A Vision Of Church Life That Is Healthy, Sustainable, Liberating, Peaceful And Missional.

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    Church After Christendomoriginates from a very particular place and time A place and time that is now past which isn t to say that we re not still figuring out what comes after Christendom In other words, this book is dated.Maybe the picture of the Pickle on the cover should have warned me that much of Stuart Murray s text would focus specifically on the church and culture of the UK in the late 1990s and the early 2000s Much of the book deals with specific examples and experiments in church adaptation that only make sense in the UK context.That said, Murray does provide a few useful tools for understanding churches experience in other Western context First of all, in ch 1, Murray rehashes and elaborates on the classic believing belonging behaving paradigm While this feels a bit overblown to me in the complexity he develops, the alternative po chrome configurations Murray offers at least alert the reader to the changing and complicated nature of identification and institution now.Chs 2 4 are the most UK centric of the text First Murray examines the research on why folks across the pond are joining, sticking with, and leaving congregations While some of the factors translate, many fail to make the jump from a nation with church history stretching back millennia and one maybe including a couple ...

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    The first chapter is unnecessarily complicated by over nuanced definitions, most of the book is given to repetition, but Murray s insights, over all perspective, and final chapter than make up for these I believe he is precisely on poi...

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    Welcome to where the US christian church is heading or is depending on where you live.

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    A very insightful and important read for such a time as this

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    Very good summary of where we re at now and why.

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